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Global Antisemitism legitimized

Way back on page 13 of the Stars and Stripes (April 28, 2021) is a small but significant article by the Associated Press (AP). “Global rights group accuses Israel of apartheid persecution”. This is not a new dying swan song.  Human Rights Watch (HRW) has been singing the same tune for years. Under the nebulous branding of “human rights” it’s funding and activism have been under scrutiny by watch dog groups suspicious of their continual rise in clout among western governments and dubious global donors.

HRW is a New York based organization with a massive budget and significant political influence. On April 5, 2021, NGO Monitor reported that HRW is mainly funded by the Open Society Institute (OSI) and the Ford Foundation. OSI was founded by George Soros, a well renowned Israel critique who has on occasions compared Israel to Nazi Germany. A charming fellow that his home country of Hungary has declared persona non grata.

Integrated within OSI are other organizations like the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), both US based and both avidly involved in undermining Israel through various lawsuits against it and its officials. These organizations are also the “invisible” backbone behind the anti-Israel organization, BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction). Besides its attempts to boycott Israeli businesses and trade, BDS lobbies US legislature to stop military aid to Israel. Working diligently within the global community in depicting Israel as a state rife in human rights abuses against Arabs, predominantly Palestinians, these organizations hold hands in attacking Israel’s sovereign rights to defend itself and exist.

The Ford Foundation which disguises itself as an entrepreneurship in granting funding to “non-profits” similar to OSI and its ilk, was founded by father and son Henry and Edsel Ford who between them held 96.9% of Ford Motors stock. (Both allegedly anti-Semites. In 1920, Henry Ford published The International Jew: The World’s Problem, a conspiratorial piece on alleged Jewish world domination.). A 2014 report by Influence Watch put the foundation’s assets at $12.5 billion.

The foundation was created by the Fords in 1936, after the 1935 Revenue Act imposed 70% state taxes on estates over $50 million, which would have forced the family to sell their stock in lieu of maintaining the company. The foundation was born out of tax evasion and family control of all company assets. Alliance with another prolific foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, a friendship was forged that donates millions to mainly left wing and center left organizations. In the early 50’s and 60’s, these organizations supported  “population control” of third world countries. In the 70’s both foundations enabled the Indian government of Indira Ghandi to embark on a mass mandatory sterilization program of its citizens to address a “population problem”.

The above and other similar entities are aligned or directly associated with HRW. HRW is a disingenuous far from transparent “human rights” entity: it picks and chooses whose “rights” it protects.  It’s one-track mind conveniently ignores facts like yesterday’s bad lunch. The list of systematic anti-Israel narrative in half-truths, omissions or fabrications is long and biased.  But that does not seem to raise any eyebrows from the likes of the United Nations (UN) or mainstream media. Without any point of reference or context, news organizations like the AP throws out HRW anti-Israel bias like it was founded in truth. This latest AP article called HRW “world’s best-known human rights group”, and that its “report” was based on the definitions of “apartheid and persecution” used by the International Criminal Court (ICC). Maybe the ICC needs a new dictionary.

HRW has been on a crusade to discredit Israel for years. Among its blatant anti-Israel rhetoric is the skewed reporting on Israel’s distribution of the COVID vaccine. In an attempt at blaming Israel for “apartheid and persecution”, it alleged that Palestinians living in Israel were not getting vaccinated like their Jewish counterparts.  This self-righteous fabricated reporting missed the fact that all citizens of Israel are part of the health care system, which would include all Palestinians, Christians, and Jews living there. Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank fall under the Palestinian Authority (PA) as accorded in the 2005 Oslo Accords, and as such are subject to the COVID policy adopted by the PA. Whatever that may be.

In the April 28th article, the AP states that HRW and other rights groups view the Israeli-Palestinian “conflict” as “…a single regime in which Palestinians-who make up roughly half the population of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza-are systematically denied basic rights granted to Jews”. One more time, the report fails to mention that since 2005 Gaza and the West Bank have been autonomous and under the complete control of the PA currently governed by Hamas. A small detail that would derail a narrative based on purely anti-Jewish bias.  HRW accused Israel of ensuring “…a Jewish majority in Israel” and insidiously forcing Palestinians to leave.  Inane doesn’t begin to describe such statements.  Breaking News: Israel is a Jewish state created after WWII for dispersed and surviving European Jews.  This little detail escapes HRW.

Organizations like HRW, OSI, BDS, and Ford Foundation are emboldened by the likes of the UN and the ICC and their historical bias against Israel. Following the money trail into these organizations’ coffers should give those with some semblance of righteous determination into the truth, to pause and condemn such blatant anti-Israel bias and bigotry. Mostly left wing leaning, these organizations have also found safe haven in US politics and the new progressively defined Democratic party. It is common knowledge that the former Obama administration had little patience or time for Israel.

This disdain manifested itself in an Iran deal that overlooked Israel’s concerns, and funding to the PA led by Hamas.  President Biden has not shown much grace toward Israel either, following in his former boss’s footsteps he has established a cool relation with plenty of room for criticism.  It took him weeks into his presidency to “find time” to put a call through to Israel and reach out.  Members of his party are not shamed by anti-Israel rhetoric, they are given blanket immunity. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have joined the ranks of anti-Israel legislatures prone to threatening funding to Israel.

In his book The Devil That Never Dies (2013),  author Daniel Jonah Goldhagen draws a historic and chronological picture of the continual threat to Jews and Israel.  The predominant excuse to antisemitism is imbedded in centuries’ old narrative that Jews have too much power in the world.  These talking points have worked their way into the UN, HRW, OSI, BDS, and other pseudo social justice organizations that trope antisemitism as justification for the under privileged or oppressed, namely the Palestinians. Point in fact is the AP article that skims over facts like last week’s missile attacks on Israel, or the 2019 Gaza attacks on Israeli residents through incendiary balloons that burnt fields and crops without provocation or remorse.  HRW seems to be content with status quo reporting and condemnation rather than the truth.

Global antisemitism is far more dangerous than the run-of-the-mill KKK white hooded red neck bayou bigots in some US Southern State. It is a paradigm that binds the old and the new into an acceptable narrative adopted by world groups, leaders, and political parties.  It gives credence to centuries-old anti-Jewish bigotry disguised as justifiable accusations against Israel. It is an excuse to portray Israelis aka Jews as dominant and intolerant. It is a ploy to sway the global community into believing that Israel’s presence provokes violence and should be condemned. It is a systematic marginalization of Israel by organizations funded by an intolerant world order akin to fascism. Depicting Israel as the Palestinians’ misfortune is a page from the 1939 Nazi playbook: “Die Juden Sind Unser Ungluch!  Jews are our misfortune. 81 years later, and the same rallying cry is still heard, and antisemitism remains the world’s singular prejudice.

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