Global Warming Art in Atlanta

Visual artists like myself want to use our brushes, pens, scissors, pastels or whatever form it takes – to create work to start a conversation so that the downward spiral of global warming and its scientifically proven negative impact on our local communities and world will end.

This July, the Women’s Caucus for Art – Georgia show, “One Earth, One Chance II” manifests how 70 artists view this existential threat –whether to appreciate our planet’s intrinsic beauty or to give warning not to remain on the sidelines, waiting for someone else to solve the problem. Aren’t we commanded by Jewish Tradition and text to be stewards of our planet Earth? Global warming demands my attention. My collage, “Time is Running Out”, uses acronyms for a few selected scientific research institutions. “Harbinger Bird no. 4” symbolizes hope.

The show is at 378 Gallery at 378 Clifton Road in Atlanta’s Candler Park neighborhood.  Behind The Flying Biscuit.  Exhibition Dates: July 2-31, 2021.Hours: Fri. 4-8pm, Sat. 1-6pm. Zoom presentation by Dr.Kim Cobb, Director, GA Tech Global Change Program July 15, 7pm and Artist’s Talk at 378- July 17, 4pm. A member of WCAGA Art and Activism, Callahan McDonough brought back this show and program to Atlanta.

About the Author
Known for her collage and mixed media work, and also as a contributing AJT writer, Flora Rosefsky is a teaching artist who can lead Zoom art workshops for cultural centers, museums, synagogues, schools, libraries and individuals of all ages.
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