Go Abdullah Go

A dear friend sent me the image associated with this Blog (Seen below).

The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw it was to hail “Go Abdullah Go”. The second thing was the shame I felt for having Barack Obama as my president.

The difference between a mediocre leader and a great one lies in how he/she treats every human life as if it was his/her own. It is what separates the braves from the cowards. When one of their subjects die as horrifically as Muath al-Kaseasbeh and James Foley died, a great leader stands up to protect the nation from further killings, not turn his back to go play golf.

I would like very much for King Abdullah to invite the Foley family to meet with the Kaseasbeh family. They may be a world apart but the lives of both families have been shaped by what their political leaders have done to make it better or worse. Both families have a common enemy and uncommon leaders. If both ever meet, I would like very much to be a witness of the conversation between both.

I doubt the Foleys have forgotten Obama’s quick exit to play golf after a hasty eulogy of their departed son as much as I doubt the Kaseasbehs ever forgetting how King Abdullah rushed to wear his pilot uniform to avenge the precious life of their son. Maybe both should write their own books about their experiences. Maybe the Foleys should just leave the last chapter entitled “Barack Obama’s eulogy” all blank and the Kaseasbehs should fill their book with the bravery of their King. To make a point and to distinguish between leaderships.

King Abdullah’s outrage over the killing resonated across the world. Washington buzzed with hard adjectives describing his mood and his state of mind. This is not a King who was going to sit out a tragedy that befell one of his countryman and a fellow pilot. The live burning of the Jordanian pilot brought the best in King Abdullah, and we are all applauding him while hoping Barack Obama could hear the applause even if he is hiding on some golf course.

Furthermore, the outrage demonstrated by King Abdullah inadvertently showed us how little Obama is and how weak and unfit he is to protect Americans. Had Abdullah, instead of Hussein, been the president of the United States of America, he would have committed to defeating ISIS and protect us from all terror to include the Assad and the Khamenei regimes.

Mr. President, I understand they have some good golf courses in Jordan just in case you are looking for a change of scenery.

I am enlarging this picture to frame on my den’s wall. Let it be a reminder of the harm Barack Obama has done this nation when terror grew exponentially during his term in office.

Let it be a reminder of what a coward looks like as opposed to a brave leader.

Let it be a reminder of what leadership is all about.

The shame of Barack Obama.

Go Abdullah Go