Go home and get informed

Eighteen days of operation, twenty days of heavy fire on Israel, and here you still are, brave and strong human rights defender, in the streets of Europe, Latin America, North America, yelling for the Jews to be burnt!

The most incredible part of the madness you create, is that you do it from a makebelieve world you enjoy building with your fellow freedom fighters from across the globe.

Well well, my friend, whenever you decide to come out of the blindness, feel free to read the following words, which begin with:

Welcome to reality, let me show you around!

Welcome to Israel, a beautiful country where you can find deserts, forests, lakes, beaches, farms, factories, a tech hub, people of any color, any religion, religious, secular, straight, gay, white collars, hippies, and I could go on for hours. In sum: a country where both the extremes of nature and humanity live together in harmony.

So you see, throughout peace times, you barely hear about this wonderful country. You live along, unaware that the technology that enables your cell phone to function the way it does was first developed in this tiny country, unaware that some of the most outstanding medical discoveries saving your life were made in Israel as well.

When times get hard in tiny Israel, suddenly you hear about it. And what do you hear? “Israel has killed 20 children in a school in Gaza!“, “Israel is filled with mean people, excited by blooshed!“ Do you ever stop to ask yourself: and what happens in Israel? what happens on the other side? and more importantly, is any of this true?

What you don’t know about this country, what you are afraid to know about this country, is that nothing you hear in your sacred news stations informs you of what it truely is.

You yell in the streets speeches of hatred and racism, forgetting the lessons you were supposed to learn from history, be it from the Second World War, the Inquisition, the Colonization or African Slavery. Let me ask you the question most people here wonder: do you hear yourself? do you hear yourself calling for the death of all Jews? do you realize that probably your doctor, your banker, your lawyer, your teacher, your neighbor might be one of these people whose death you are calling for?

So not only do you scream your lungs out for a brand new massacre to begin, but also, you target your anger towards a version of the Israeli people that simply doesn’t exist.

Please, come ahead to Israel. Come see for yourself. Mingle with the people who live here, from the kibbutzim in the south to Jerusalem, all the way to Haifa and passing through Tel Aviv: you will have to dig to find the hatred and blood thirst you are so angry at.

I see your hatred and I cannot understand it, because I come from a culture of peace, love, solidarity and care. I have not grown up in hatred. I have grown up in the words of the anthem of Israel: I grew up learning about Tikva, Hope. Hope for freedom for all, hope for peace, hope for mutual respect between me and my neighbors.

You get angry, you waste your energy screaming in the streets, thinking that you are fighting against the doings of a people that enjoys spilling Palestinian blood. You have fabricated this illusion and let it take over your rationality. You have met me, you have met many other Jews, maybe even Israelis like me. Have you seen me pick up a gun and chase for Arab blood? Let me ask you, again, one of the questions that arise here every time we see you on the news, burning your own streets: have you completely lost your mind? I am not a murderer, I protect my children, my brothers and sisters, and even my neighbors. In front of me stands the Hamas, a terrorist organization that preaches martyrdom, whose leaders reach levels of cowardness rarely seen as they hide in five stars hotels in Qatar while giving the order to their people in Gaza to throw civilians in the line of fire. For what? To win some holy war? To hit Israel politically? For some ridiculous PR struggle?

And I see you in the streets crying for me and my people to be destroyed. The fact that you don’t cry for Hamas leaders to be arrested, judged, stopped in their oppression of the Palestinian civilians living in Gaza, the fact that you stay silent in that regard makes me wonder if you have ever opened a book to get informed.

So here you are, talking about apartheid and genocide. Do you even know what these words mean? Do you have any way to prove that this is what is happening in Gaza? Let me make it easier for you: if the answer to the first question was yes, the answer to the second one would be no. Because, whether you like it or not, this is yet another piece of this fabricated reality you have built with your fellow protesters, pretending to be great experts in your streets.

You are suffering, my friend. You are suffering of chronic ignorance, it comes again and again, every time Israel is involved. Choose your camp: you want to protest? Get informed and stop humiliating yourself when reporters interview you while you protest to record you answering: “well, uhm, I’m protesting because, uhm, like, it’s like really unfair what’s happening there, like you know, like, uhm… Let’s kill all the Jews!” You want to fight for freedom? Make it a living: protest against the massacres in Syria, in Sudan, in Iran, in Iraq, show that you know and that you really care, not that you just like to join the big crowd because it brings a push of adrenaline to your life routine.

Want to get informed? Start with finding out the amount of rockets that have been falling on Israel, not during the past 20 days, but since the rise of the Hamas organization in the Gaza Strip. Second step, read books on the history of this land. Start with “The Son of Hamas”, so that at least you don’t have to start by the trauma of reading the words a Jew wrote.

Get informed. Stop ridiculizing yourself. And for G’s sakes, go home.

About the Author
Born and bred in Switzerland , I recently graduated from IDC Herzliya (RRIS) in the Government, Diplomacy and Strategy track. Discussing politics, life and society, I am excited to debate and challenge opinions. Looking forward to read you all.