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Go Turkey!

Turkish forces on the way to Khan Shaykhoun. (AFP)

Finally salvation comes for suffering people of Northern Syria!

After relentless bombing by regime helicopters dropping barrel bombs, and Russian warplanes, Syrian government forces began an assault on the southern part of Idlib, trying to cut the rebel-held area in two and encircle the southern part.

Unfortunately for the Syrian army, this southern part of Idlib includes a Turkish observation post.

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The forces attacking Idlib include the Syrian Republican Guard. To better understand what kind of military formation it is, here is a photo of their shoulder sleeve insignia:

The other forces taking part are the pro-government Palestinian militias and the Russian paramilitary Wagner group. This is the same unofficial Russian force that was involved in a bloody battle with Americans last year near the Euphrates river.
(I hope Israelis heard of this battle! It is important to know about for people who want to understand what is going on)

There was a Russian attempt to stop the Turkish convoy, attacking it from the air. All that is known about the outcome is that three Syrian civilians were killed.
Now the convoy continues on its way to the south, and there is a Turkish F-16 circling overhead, to make sure there will be no further mischief.

What does it mean for Israel?

Turkey is a member of NATO. Turkish action is undoubtedly coordinated with the Americans.

Essentially Turkey now is teaching a lesson that no, Russians are not the rulers of the world. They want to control all of Syria, but they can’t.

What this means for Israel is that the West, including Turkish, British and French forces in Eastern Mediterranean, is becoming stronger, and the Russian-Assad-Iran-Hezbollah alliance is not as likely to win as seemed it was.

For those Israelis who imagined a Russian-led New Order in the Middle East the message is no, this is not going to happen.

There are some activists in Israel who say, dump America.

Russia and China are the new dynamic force that is going to win, they say.

These anti-American activists are very similar to the anti-British Avraham Stern, who believed Jews should become allies of the Axis. But thankfully these activists are only talking, unlike Avraham Stern who did not just talk. He acted and paid with his life.

Turks are Muslims and have a natural sympathy for the Palestinians, who are also Muslims. There is nothing wrong with this. Israelis should also develop sympathy for the Palestinians who will inevitably become in the future Israel’s closest peaceful neighbors.

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