Oliver Anisfeld

God doesn’t shout. He Whispers. (Hannukah)

Hi everyone! Well this our first J-TV blog for the Times of Israel! Woo! In this blog we’ll share and discuss J-TV videos. And we would really encourage you to get involved in the discussion through the comment section below and on our YouTube videos.

I’m delighted to share with you a video we’ve been working on for a while – ‘God doesn’t shout. He whispers.’ Themed around Hannukah, we discuss how the miracle of the menorah teaches us profound lessons about how to see God within our lives.

Give it a watch and let me know your thoughts!

Happy Hannukah!

About the Author
Oliver Anisfeld is the founder of global Jewish YouTube channel J-TV. He launched the channel while completing his degree in History at University College London.
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