Going Astray – 2

From the world to your world then beyond all worlds -2

We often stick around the ‘searching / seeking’ but rarely pay attention on ‘going astray’ itself. Therefore, we cannot grasp the deep meaning of ‘the search’ for us.

The going astray is actually about the ‘meaning of things’ which is not inseparable or independent from ourselves. But what we often come up with search is only ‘feeling of things’ which are separable and make us dependent on them. This what I call as ‘illusory search’ or ‘searching for an illusion’.

However, neither the search nor illusion are the real swerving from the believed & expected. And this kind of search is often the process of reassuring or comforting of what we believe is what we need or want. That’s why the search is not necessarily about non-existing as it is strictly limited to time and place.

But the going astray is not only about disappearance of what once existed or appearance of what once lost. That’s why the search is not the process of going astray. But going astray is the ultimate manifestation of the search itself. And again that’s why you cannot search unless you get lost (go astray).

Simply saying, going astray is the inevitable form of liberating the search from all the needs and choices that time and space provide us. Shaping the search through timeless, placeless and dimensionless equation is actually going beyond all the worlds.

Remember, the search (external seeking) is often about crediting / respecting what is important but going astray (internal seeking) is often about discovering / creating what is valuable.

About the Author
Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Gurkan is an Oxford BA (Hons) graduated and pursuing a double master's in International Political Economy at Warwick & Strategic Studies at NTU in Singapore. He is also a published poet.