Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Going Down?


the trampoline

the diving board

the failed business venture

the argument



And then springing up even higher than before

up from the trampoline to the highest heights

up from the diving board to high above the water

up from a failed venture to more lucrative deals

up from an argument to becoming even closer than before

“This descent is for a higher ascent,” Chassidus teaches.

There’s a Chassidic song: The soul descends into a body. “Ach” it cries out “Vey, vey.” “Ach” it cries out “Vey Vey Vey.” The soul is then answered: “This descent is for an ascent, so that all this becomes worth it. This descent is for an ascent, so that all this becomes worth it.”

The world seems chaotic, countries descending into polarizing divisions. But it’s poised to bounce up very high, to abundant peace and prosperity, with the nations becoming more aware of G-d and His infinite wisdom and kindness.

The soul descended into this world, into a physical body, for the purpose of rising much higher, elevating and illuminating the world with Torah and Mitzvot (fulfilling G-d’s commandments), and thereby coming so much closer to Him, and hastening the time of Redemption with Moshiach, a time when happiness will abound.

And then we will appreciate how the descent leads to tremendous ascent, for us and for the entire world.

May it happen now.

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