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Going for the Israeli Gold

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The three words that best describe what London 2012 means to us are excitement, spirit, and challenge!

Israel Olympics - Israel Olympic Committee
Israel Olympic Committee

Countries around the world are experiencing Olympic fever! The eyes of the world will be on the London 2012 Olympic Games in just 28 days! Fans will pay ritual homage to their home country by cheering on top-tiered athletes selected to represent them on the big stage.

It is time to be proud of our Israeli athletes! More than that, it is time for our athletes to know that the entire country and Jewish people are cheering them on. As they compete, these athletes should feel empowered to serve as ambassadors for peace and show the world that Israel is about not only bloodshed, missiles landing, and kibbutzim; it is about strong healthy young athletes, who are perfect role models for all of us.

The Olympic Games is an arena where the world of sports unites to promote hard work, perseverance, and determination. Sports should be a daily part of our children’s lives and what better way to introduce them to sports than through showcasing local heroes that are going for the gold in London 2012? But more than just our kids – every child, teenager, and adult in Israel, every Jew around the world, should take pride in Team ISR!

We should all be cheering on Alex, Neta, Arik, Valerie, Shahar, Andy, and the rest of the team.

Follow Team Israel Olympics 2012

Shari Wright Pilo, Mordecai Holtz, and David Wiseman, three internet marketers from three different countries (Canada, USA, and Australia respectively) all grew up watching and cheering their native countries. Since these games are the first to fully engage with social media, with the likes of Twitter and Facebook representing the modern face of social engagement and information sharing, we decided to collaborate and use the medium that we know best to help cheer on Team Israel.

Follow us as we build up to the Games by providing bios of the team, interviews with past Israeli Olympians and sports figures, and interesting facts and figures. During the games, we will provide a fan’s view of the events and live updates about TEAM ISR’s standings.

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We want everyone to be as excited as we are about Team Israel!

About Us:

David Wiseman works in online marketing for Kahena Digital. Originally, from Sydney, Australia, he is a sports lover and worked at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 as a sports researcher for the host broadcaster. David was also part of the Australian delegation at the 2003 Pan-American Maccabiah Games and the 2005 Maccabiah Games. Making Aliyah in 2004, David now calls Jerusalem home. He is married and the father of two girls. He is a member of the Israeli night cricket championship winning team.

You can follow David on Twitter @daw1975

Shari Wright Pilo is the Marketing Manager at Hunter and Bard Digital Marketing Agency. Prior to joining Hunter and Bard, Ms. Wright Pilo was as a digital marketing consultant working with small businesses and internet startups. Previously, she was the Marketing Manager and Web Producer for My Stone Company, an online gift store. Outside of Hunter & Bard, Ms. Wright Pilo loves finding new exciting web applications that will make her online life “faster”, cooking, and baking (they are not the same). Shari made aliyah from Canada 30 years ago on her own. Today, she is married to an Israeli and is the mother of an 8-year-old gymnast who dreams about going to the Olympics in 2024.

You can follow Shari on Twitter @shari_pw

Mordecai Holtz is an experienced non-profit professional in community organization and development, nonprofit administration and management for 8 years. During this time, his areas of focus have been program development, driving awareness, engaging and facilitating communication, and actualizing programmatic vision with a keen eye for detail. Mordecai is well versed in social media and enjoys helping small businesses and non-profit organizations reach their fullest online potential. When Mordecai is not spending time with his wife or playing with his 5 kids, you can find Mordecai running, biking, playing basketball, or enjoying a great cup of coffee.

You can follow Mordecai on Twitter @mordecaiholtz

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