Golden Stones: Light Up Their Night

GoBidud Partners With Aish HaTorah Sending Care Packages To Residents Of The Old City

On Chanuka, we express never ending happiness, gratitude for liberation from oppressors, the constant pursuit of overcoming adversity, unity of the Jewish people during dark times and so much more. Most importantly, embrace the defeat of improbability by the power of possibility.

It would have been unfathomable that the Maccabees would be victorious against the mighty Greek Empire until it happened. It would never cross the minds of anyone that one days worth of oil would last eight days until the miracle of light shined bright.

Chanuka is a promise that the darker the world gets, the greater the opportunity for light to shine. The miracle of Chanuka is not a once occurring anomaly that we are remembering. On the contrary; Chanuka is a yearly celebration where we get an opportunity to shine and build the world through acts of kindness.

This year has been one of the darkest years of recent memory and GoBidud is shining light on tens of thousands of people impacted by the coronavirus. Their wave of kindness has had an instrumental impact for those in need since the virus began, and will continue to spread hope and happiness worldwide even after it has finally been defeated. GoBidud’s services include a myriad of physical, emotional, financial & functional help for thousands of people & families across the globe deeply affected during the pandemic! 

Some of those most impacted by the Corona Virus have been our grandparents,  golden-agers and high risk individuals. Fear of contracting the disease, being locked up for nine month and loneliness felt by being separated from loved ones has really taken a mental and emotional toll on them. They have sacrificed so much and deserve a great Chanuka.

GoBidud is thus taking action and is planning special Chanuka initiatives for young and old. Their goal is to send care packages to 10,000 children and host a virtual concert to honor our Grandparents and Golden-Agers who have suffered so greatly during these nine months and more!

This Chanuka, GoBidud will bring our Golden-Agers to the pinnacle of our faith, Jerusalem’s Old City – the place from where the Chanuka miracle shines its light forever. Each valiant Grandparent and Golden-Ager will get to enjoy a special virtual concert to honor them, their sacrifice and their significant role in raising future generations. You will be able to salute individual grandparents or Golden-Agers on the screen. They will receive certificates of honor to hang on their walls with a special stone with their names. They will cherish this experience for years to come. If ever alone, they can look up at their wall and see you smiling at them! If you would like to give a loved one a shout out, you can do so by using the link: This Chanuka…light up their night!

“The Golden-Agers are the golden stones of which Jerusalem’s walls will be rebuilt…” Said GoBidud’s CEO, Rabbi Yosef Y. Ettlinger who is spearheading this initiative. His vision is to create a vibrant global Kindness Kingdom, community by community which will outlive Covid. In fact, as more and more people have experienced the warmth and support GoBidud provides, they are already quite active in providing support and guidance for people struggling with other crisis’s – GoIdud (idud in hebrew means encouragement). 

Chanuka reminds us every year how even the toughest obstacles can be overcome with a little bit of effort and a lot of faith. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, GoBidud will be happy to help. Please have them go to and fill out the “Get Help” form.

There is no better time to shine light on those in darkness. If you would like to give a donation to help GoBidud continue to assist those who are unable to go shopping, cook holiday meals, address the emotional and educational challenges wrought by nine months of pandemic and lockdown, buy holiday needs for their children, etc… please go to Every donation will put a smile on another child, young-adult, middle-age, or golden age’s face.

If you would like to be a volunteer please fill out the volunteer form on

While the world is plagued in darkness, you have the power to shine light on tens of thousands of Jews around the world. Thank you and have a Happy Chanuka!


Here is some more information regarding GoBidud:

Go Bidud is addressing the stress that COVID-19 has brought to our people. In the space of just a few months, it has grown exponentially and is now helping over forty communities.


To create a vibrant global Kindness Kingdom community by community which will outlive Covid.


GoBidud pairs volunteers to care for the needs and chores of those with limited mobility, gets medicine to those in need, helps new moms weather Corona related difficulties, sends custom made care packages to thousands of children in quarantine across the country, has an active lending library of toys which keeps bored children entertained, sponsors interactive challenges for kids stuck at home, gives free care packages for Moms who have kids or family members in quarantine, provides subsidized meals, discreetly tends to personal family  needs, provides neighbors with a caring heart and listening ear to help weather the storm, assists families with special needs children, arranges tutors for children, provides comprehensive personalized crisis management for institutions dealing with pandemic outbreaks, facilitates seminaries & yeshivas arranging corona-safe chesed opportunities, provides YomTov needs, assists new olim deal with the present challenges, offers a Confidential Emotional Support Line, provides an online information portal which provides valuable information and resources to navigate this era and a Hotline which avails those with limited internet access the ability to help and get help as well.

Special Holiday Projects:

Some of our special projects include: Pairing Shofar blowers with the immobile, Virtual Global Hataras Nedarim With Rav Berkovits, Arba Minim ordered to your door, Sukka builders for the immobile, Thousands of Simchas Torah care packages for children packed by 11 seminaries, thousands of Chanuka care packages for children packed by eleven seminaries, Global Chanuka covid Concert honoring our Grandparents and Golden-Agers.

Here is a Jerusalem Post article about its incredible work. 

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  • Your participation will enable GoBidud to send 10,000 Chanuka Care Packages to Disadvantaged Children due to the Corona Age as well as support the ongoing services provided by GoBidud of $1000 a month to over 40 communities and growing. ($500,000)
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