Andrea Karshan

Good and Reliable English News Sources on Israel Palestine


A lot of people get their “news” on Israel Palestine from really bad sources. They go on Instagram and look at Eye on Palestine or they read Al Jazeera. Eye on Palestine is known for using pictures from the Holocaust, Yemen and Syria and saying they are from Israel and also making up stories that aren’t true. And Al Jazeera is known for misquoting people and misrepresenting facts.

Also some people get a lot of their Israel Palestine news from Western media that really doesn’t give enough context of what is going on in the story or give the full picture.

So I want to give you guys some really good news sources in English from both Israeli and Arab sources on Israel Palestine.

Times of Israel is great because they really give in depth articles with lots of context, explanation, quotes from all sides and sometimes include videos in their articles from Israeli and Palestinian sources.

Jerusalem Post is a pretty good source. But a word of caution with them unlike Times of Israel who waits till more information on a story is released to publish an article I notice that Jerusalem Post publishes an article right away when info is being just released. And sometimes the information changes and they don’t update the article. So sometimes there can be wrong information.

i24news English is a really good news source. They have articles and videos. They have some really good debates and interviews with Israeli leaders and influencers.

Al-Monitor– this is an award winning Arab source, and it’s really good. It gives some insight into the Palestinian situation and other situations in the Arab world that other publications don’t.

As with all articles, always use critical thinking skills and separate the facts from the spin in the article. Cause every article has an element of spin to it.

This blog is relating to “factual” articles in these publications, not op-eds. Op-eds are going to be problematic because it’s someone’s opinion, and it’s their opinion of what the facts are. Once in a while you will get a gem of an op-ed. But it doesn’t happen often.

About the Author
Andrea Karshan is a Jew currently living in Chabad Crown Heights. She was born a Patrilineal Jew to a secular Jewish family with a Jewish father and Jewish stepmother. She then became Christian, and then was a Muslim for 13 years. She then did an Orthodox conversion to Judaism. She is passionate about Judaism and loves being a Lubavitcher. She has three Muslim kids from her previous marriage to a Pakistani. And she fights hard to combat Islamophobia and Antisemitism. And she is pro-Israel pro-Palestine pro-peace pro-truth activist.