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Good Enough for Obama, Good Enough for Trump

Many moons ago, in the frozen lands of the north, there lived a Swede with a regretful past. Having developed dynamite, which brought untold horrors upon his fellow man, Alfred Nobel decided to use his vast wealth to promote the betterment of humanity. Thus was born the Nobel Prize.

In 2020, an utterly reprehensible year full of chaos and mayhem, a surprising individual stands as being particularly worthy of having the Nobel Prize bestowed upon him. And yet many shudder at the very thought, recoiling in disgust at such a prospect. Such visceral reactions notwithstanding, the man’s accomplishments in the realms of peace making and bridge building are undeniable. It is therefore time for President Donald Trump to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

After many years of stagnation and stalemate, President Trump decimated the conventional wisdom about the Middle East and managed to secure 4 historic peace deals between Israel and her Arab neighbors. Soon Israeli embassies will appear in Rabat, Khartoum, Dubai and Manama, and tourists from Morocco and the Gulf will dance in Tel Aviv and pray in Jerusalem. Israeli planes can now fly peacefully through Saudi air space, and several more peace deals are rumored to be in the works. These are truly monumental shifts, and it seems to be ushering in a brighter chapter for the region. No modern American leader has accomplished anything near these feats, and so it would be fitting for President Trump to receive the ultimate peace prize. And yet such a thing seems like an improbable possibility.


President Trump can be a contentious man. He can be rude, crude and everything in between. He is full of bombast and rarely reins himself in, often giving in to his baser impulses. Sadly, as a result, his political rivals and their legions of disgruntled malcontents have demonized the man to the point of making him The Fuhrer 2.0. This belligerent and irrational hatred has polluted everything President Trump has touched, including these peace deals. It is therefore imperative that the Nobel Committee elevate themselves above this raucous rabble and instead look at these achievements with clear and unbiased heads. If they do so, the Nobel Peace Prize will surely be granted to the 45th President of the United States.

It is worth remembering that President Obama received the award in 2009, without having achieved any diplomatic victories or bridging any divides. Indeed, President Obama’s track record as president was quite disastrous in terms of global diplomacy: Libya was attacked and abandoned, the Syrian people were left to be massacred and gassed, Ukraine was allowed to be carved up by Russia, Yemen was bombarded by drones, Iranian protesters were deserted, and Israel was betrayed and backstabbed. And yet President Obama was gifted the Nobel Prize, something he probably has displayed somewhere prominent in his office. A glimmering reward for achieving nothing. If President Obama was worthy of receiving it for simply existing, then President Trump and his actual diplomatic successes should likewise be rewarded. Anything but would be yet another example of a nonsensical event in a year rife with vexation, exacerbation and befuddlement.

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