Isaac Rubin

Do you really want it?

A vision-filled college graduate approached an extremely successful businessman, and proudly proclaimed: “I want to be rich and successful just like you”. The businessman looked him up and down curiously and replied “Is that so?” With even more enthusiasm he countered “yes I really want to be rich and successful”. “If you really want to make it, come meet me at the beach 4 o’clock tomorrow morning”.

Springing out of bed the next morning, our friend bounded for the beach… only to find that his ticket-to-success was already there. Fully clothed in an executive suit and accessories to match, he ordered “follow me into the water”. “But I’m fully clothed”, complained the boy. “Do you want it or not?” retorted the businessman, “if you want it as much as you claim, get into the water.”

The boy followed the man through the lapping waves, until they were shoulder deep. Suddenly the man took the boys head and dunked it into the water. Pulling him up after thirty seconds, he asked “what do you want?” Gasping for breath the boy said “I want to be successful”. Sure the ordeal was finished, the boy once again found his head surrounded by water. Forty-five seconds later he was pulled out and a little more aggressively questioned “what do you want?” Choking up some water the boy blurted out “I want to be rich”.

Thirty, forty-five, one minute…too much this time, as the boy pulled himself out of the man’s grip, coughing up water and screaming “I WANT AIR, I WANT AIR”. The businessman turned lifeguard dragged the choking boy to shore, while yelling at him “when you want to be successful as badly as you want air that’s when you will surely be a success”.

The first step to being successful in anything in any aspect of life is desire. We need to want it as badly and as much as we need air. We need to feel it, smell it, taste it, breathe it and think about it on a constant basis; that’s when we are ready to achieve and accomplish our goals.

Think about your dreams……..


So do you really want it?

About the Author
Isaac grew up struggling with the painful issue of low self-esteem. After much personal development, he has increased his self-esteem and self-confidence. Now Isaac's passion and profession is coaching entrepreneurs and sales people to achieve their dreams by sharing those proven methods. Isaac is married to his best friend and is blessed with 4 really cute children. He is honored that you have taken the time to read this and thanks you.