Grant’s Tomb and Other Anti-Semitic ‘Hate Symbols’

Pandering to the regressive mob, Mayor Bill de Blasio refused to give a straightforward answer on how New York City should treat monuments to President and General Ulysses S. Grant, which include a statue of Grant on horseback in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (standing since 1896), and Grant’s Tomb in Riverside Park, Manhattan (housing Grant’s body since 1897). De Blasio’s dithering comes in the wake of his declaring a 90-day review of “hate symbols” in New York City for ultimate removal. While he was a hero and was integral to the Union’s survival and victory in the U.S. Civil War, Grant ordered Jews to be expelled from three southern states during the Civil War.

If New York removes these “hate symbols” towards Jews, the world should follow in a logically consistent way. Perhaps through the stewardship of the infinitely wise United Nations, the world should remove the following from the face of the Earth:

  • All remaining ancient Egyptian ruins and artifacts, including the Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx. These are creations of the ancient Egyptians, who enslaved the Jews. Hence, they are “hate symbols” towards Jews.
  • All remaining Canaanite ruins and artifacts, as the Canaanites waged countless wars against the Jews. Israeli excavations of Canaanite ruins should be halted and their findings destroyed. Fortunately, the Islamic State has already destroyed the Temple of Baalshamin (dedicated to the Canaanite god Ba’al) in Palmyra, Syria.
  • All remaining Assyrian ruins and artifacts, as the Assyrians expelled the Hebrews from the northern kingdom of Israel in 733 BCE, creating the ten lost tribes in the process. Fortunately, the Islamic State has already destroyed the ancient cities of Nineveh and Nimrud.
  • All remaining Babylonian ruins and artifacts, as the Babylonians expelled the Hebrews from the southern kingdom of Judah in 586 BCE, and carted them off to Babylon in the Babylonian Exile. These include the ziggurats and the Lion of Babylon.
  • All remaining ruins and artifacts from ancient Greece, as the ancient Greeks (the Seleucids and the Ptolomies) battled against and ruled over the Jews. These ruins include the Acropolis and others.
  • All remaining ruins and artifacts from ancient Rome, as the Romans oppressed the Jews via its client state Judea, conquered Gamla in 67 CE, destroyed Jerusalem in 70 CE, conquered Masada in 74 CE, and defeated the Jews in the Bar Kokhba Revolt in 136 CE. Top on the list slated for destruction should include:
    • The Arch of Titus (Titus led the siege of Jerusalem, and the Arch contains a relief of Roman soldiers carrying away the seven-branched menorah from the Jewish Temple);
    • Hadrian’s Wall (Hadrian suppressed the Bar Kokhba Revolt and renamed Judea and Jerusalem);
    • All Judea Capta (“Judea is Captured”) and Judea Devicta (“Judea is Destroyed”) coins; and
    • Josephus’ works chronicling the fall of Judea.
    • Further, given that Herod the Great oppressed the Jews, all things he built should also be destroyed. These include the Masada and Herodium fortresses, the Cave of the Patriarchs, and the Western Wall (a surviving retaining wall from the Jewish temple rebuilt by Herod).
  • All remaining ruins, artifacts and contemporary structures of the Catholic Church, given the Catholic Church’s intermittent persecution of the Jews. This includes the Vatican City in its entirety. All Catholic crosses should similarly be deemed “hate symbols,” and they shouldn’t be visible publicly in buildings or as part of people’s attire.
  • All symbols and structures of evangelical Christianity and Jews for Jesus/Messianic Judaism, because many of these denominations continue to proselytize to the Jews.
  • All symbols and structures of all denominations of Christianity, as Christianity “culturally appropriates” Judaism through its use of the Hebrew Bible AKA the “Old Testament.” This includes the Christian Bible itself. Special attention should be given to destroying the symbols and structures of denominations that most vocally view themselves as successors to Judaism, including those of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (these structures include the Mormon Temples, Brigham Young University, and the Book of Mormon itself) and the Seventh-Day Adventists.
  • The remnants of the Jewish ghettos in Europe and the Middle East where Jews were forced to live.
  • All existing monuments to Communism, given the persecution of Jews that occurred during the Soviet Union, including but not limited to restrictions on the practice of Judaism, Stalin’s campaigns against “rootless cosmopolitanism” and the Doctor’s plot in the 1940s and 1950s, and Soviet anti-Zionism which made expressions of Zionism and emigrating to Israel a crime against the state. These monuments include: the Kremlin Wall Necropolis, Lenin’s Tomb, the Red Square, the remnants of the Berlin Wall, and others.
  • All existing remnants of the concentration and extermination camps from World War II, because they more than anything else would constitute “hate symbols” against Jews. If monuments to Grant are hate symbols against the Jews, then why wouldn’t concentration camps be as well?

Only after all of the above are destroyed, can we truly live in a world rid of “hate symbols” directed at Jews. Granted, the legacy of Judaism and the Jews would make absolutely no sense without these symbols. The destruction of these symbols would also do nothing to diminish anti-Semitism in the world. But hey, at least we’re making “progress”…

This article was originally published in the American Thinker.

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