Richard Shavei-Tzion
Carpe Diem

Gratitude in the Corona Age

As we approach the end of 5780, a year like no others, filled with universal hardship and suffering, it occurs to me that with all the torment we have witnessed this year, we have all been touched by special moments of grace and people of valor.

I asked my friends to share their thoughts and was so touched by their feedback which ranged from thanks for deep new insights to appreciation for acquaintances who helped out with the rent in these financially strapped times. People have found comfort and fortitude in God, their families, neighbors and strangers. Replies were received from 4 continents and included esoteric and global acts of kindness.

It seems to me that gratitude lifts us. It gives us the strength to deal with serious stress as we contemplate the idea that we are not alone in the fight against the viscous unseen enemy. Actively recognizing that there are so many around the world battling in a common cause, lifts our hearts at a time where there are so many reasons for sadness. I collated the replies in a clip that can be viewed here:


You may identify with some and be mystified by others. You may have an insight that is not expressed  in the clip and I would love to receive your comments. May we all agree that expressing gratitude is empowering?

May you all be blessed with a healing 5781. 

About the Author
Richard Shavei-Tzion is a widely published poet and is the author of "Poetry in the Parasha" and the Prayer for the Preservation of the Environment. His articles on social, environmental and Jewish topics are published around the Jewish world, principally in the Jerusalem Post and his photographic images have been displayed in solo and group exhibitions. For 26 years Richard was the director of the Ramatayim Men's Choir and now directs the Zimrat Efrat Choir. Retired from a career in property and medical management, he produces, "Gift of a Lifetime," videos which preserve the stories and ethos of people for their progeny.
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