Jeanette Amid

GREAT Britain

I have lived here in Israel over 60 years.   I am totally proud and delighted to be Israeli, and an integral part of this country.  Actually, I thought I had left England and my feelings for the UK so far behind me.  The Queen was a figurehead, but not my figurehead.  My mother talked only of her hats and her outfits, so actually I rather laughed at the institution of Monarchy….

Not this week.  What I watched on my TV was amazing.  The epitome of heraldry, gorgeous uniforms, insignia, each with a special meaning. Bagpipes, precision marching and an outpouring of love towards the Crown and from the people to their Queen.

The way 350,000 people queued for over 12 hours, in the cold, throughout the night, just to bow in front of her coffin… Amazing, and Monday, the crowds lining the entire route from London to Windsor.  Just utterly thrilling. The numbers are vague, but I understand that more than 3 billion people tuned in around the world to watch the funeral.

I am now so proud to be a part of this heritage, I feel so proud to have been born British, so proud to be knowledgeable for my family here,of the intricacies of the Royal family.

I always thought that the Royal family, who led a life of tremendous privilege were enormously lucky to have been born Royal.  All the comforts, the servants, the clothes and the jewelry were all a bit “over the top” for the 20th Century…. Let alone the 21st!  However, this week I completely appreciated it all. The pomp, the ceremony and I realized that people need a figurehead, a symbol and this is, for the UK, and for the Commonwealth, the Monarchy. So let them enjoy the privileges, the jewels, the castles and all the rest of the gorgeous stuff that is part of the Royal Family and their way of life.  They give the world so much in return.

So bravo for Great Britain, only the British could have put on such a tremendous show, only with their history and tradition could they have carried off this amazing production.  And the fact that nearly all the Royal families of the world, Presidents and Heads of state attended, attested to the fact that although people mock the institution of Monarchy, they still revere the idea, and still respect age old traditions.  Too much is thrown away with modern ideas, too much is discarded and we are all left with no tradition, no color and actually no anything!  So again, bravo to all the lovely traditions, which are in my opinion a good thing, and bravo to the United Kingdom.  Of course, bravo to that great Queen who for 70 years served with such dedication.  RIP

About the Author
Made aliya in 1960, worked in the English department of Kol Israel, dealt in tourism for 30 years, brought up a family. Generally a "normal" life here in this challenging country.