Great weather, so why not the beach?

TLV Beach 6

The weather this past weekend was nothing short of spectacular. The skies were clear and the temperature co-operated (70 F). On Saturday, we headed to the beaches in Tel Aviv, stopping when we could find parking. We weren’t the only ones out enjoying the day, including…

TLV Beach 3
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna…

…and some of the folks were enjoying a brew at a nearby BierGarden…

TLV Beach 7

Kind of ironic, a German BierGarden and Hare Krishna in Tel Aviv. We left the beach with  the sun setting and the temperature dropping.

TLV Beach 1abcde

TLV Beach 2

The next day I headed to the marina in Hertzliya Pituach, hoping for another special sunset, and I was not let down…

HerzMarina 3HerzMarina 2

I met another photographer who was shooting from the rocks alongside the marina. Her name is Romina and she teaches photography. She was born and lived in Venezuela before moving to the South Bronx. She travels to Israel for several weeks each year to be with friends. Romina was shooting with a Linhof camera circa. 1960s, which she recently purchased.

HerzMarina 1

Hope you enjoyed the blog post! See you soon.

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I first came to Israel in 1971 and stayed with friends Eileen and Ami. Eileen and I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and were friends there before she moved full-time to Herzliya. Six years ago we reconnected on Facebook, met again in New York, fell in love and got married. I've been making images ever since I was 6 years old. I have an extensive personal image library and love to travel around Israel to record my impressions of this wonderful country so that folks abroad get a real idea, through my thoughts and ideas about living here.