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Guess Who’s Protecting Terrorists’ Friend UNRWA

I’ve puzzled for decades why Congress has been absolutely resolute, since 1967, to direct American taxpayer’s money to fund the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in its outrageous proliferation of “Palestinian refugees” eligible to “return” to “Palestine,” UNRWA’s shielding of Muslim Arab terrorists engaged in attacking Israel, UNRWA schools’ collaboration in training up of Muslim Arab school-children terrorists and turning a blind eye to terrorists warehousing missiles and other weapons in UNRWA schools and hospitals.

At last, Steven J. Rosen, in The Middle East Forum, has provided a solid answer (Why Has the U.S. Congress Done So Little About UNRWA?) that exposes this scandal to the bedrock — finally enabling the planning of a strategy to strip terrorists of UNRWA protection, complicity and support. I’m assuming below that the reader will have digested Rosen’s article.

The bedrock bottom line is a 9.5 Richter shock: from Congress to the U.S. State Dept. to AIPAC, they are all “requested” to support UNRWA by every Israeli government since 1967!!! UNRWA, it revoltingly turns out, is the darling of every successive Israeli Ministry of Defense, “specifically the office of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), which has the day-to-day task of coordinating civil and security affairs in the West Bank and Gaza”!

Here’s Why

Since 1967, when Israel regained control of the Biblical-historical Sharon (the “West Bank”) and Philistia (Gaza), Israeli governments have relied heavily upon the wishful thinking that UNRWA would promote stability while the Israeli Ministry of Defense does its utmost to keep IDF soldiers at a distance from harm. It was a result of this consideration that Israel signed a “nonintervention” letter with the U.N. excepting only “where there are threats to national security.”

Since Congress and the U.S. State Dept. argue that they can’t be expected to be more anti-UNRWA than Yᵊrushalayim, and AIPAC can’t fight Yᵊrushalayim to oppose UNRWA, none of these can even get started opposing UNRWA until Israelis fix this aspect of Israeli government — which turns out to be the ultimate enabler of UNRWA support and shielding of both Khamas and Fatah Muslim Arab terrorists kidnapping and killing Israeli Jewish children, building Khamas terrorists’ HQ under an UNRWA hospital, enabling Khamas terrorists store missiles and weapons in UNRWA schools and hospitals, helping Khamas acquire materials to build attack tunnels into Israel, shielding terrorists launching missiles into Israel, etc.!

So UNRWA turns out to be the darling of the Israeli Ministry of Defense! If you’re not outraged, you should be. I am! With this knowledge in hand, you can now begin to wage an effective battle against UNRWA’s assistance to Muslim Arab terrorist enemies of Israel.

Order of Battle Against UNRWA


Addressing Israel Governments, Ministries of Defense and the IDF in particular —

    1. First, Gaza — Separate from Arab villages in Areas A & B, Israel no longer occupies Gaza. Ergo, Israel no longer has any need to support UNRWA in Gaza for the purpose of sparing IDF soldiers from duty in Gaza. Furthermore, as Rosen pointed out, since Israel left Gaza, Gazans are inhabitants; therefore, not “refugees.”


    • Areas A & B — Israel remains the ultimate overseer of stability in Areas A & B. Ergo, the same reason for Israeli support of UNRWA, sparing IDF soldiers direct contact with belligerents, remains valid in Areas A & B. Dissimilar to Gaza, in Areas A & B Israel is in a secure position to prevent the import of heavy weapons or invited militaries. Thus, the presence of UNRWA in Areas A & B doesn’t present the same level of dangers as its presence in Gaza. Nonetheless, declaring Areas A & B a demilitarized, autonomous protectorate would transform the definition of “Palestinian” Arabs from refugees to inhabitants — concluding the current, ever-burgeoning, “refugee” and “right to return” problems. Ergo, it would seem helpful (both to Israelis and for Arabs of Areas A & B to achieve autonomy and the potential to prosper as a peaceful neighbor) to separate the Gaza problem from the problem of Areas A & B. There appears to be no reason, even now, for the Israeli government’s refusal to oppose UNRWA’s presence in Gaza — another reason to separate Gaza from Areas A & B.
    • Together, these two strategies would eliminate UNRWA’s raison d’être both in Gaza and in Areas A & B.


  • Addressing AIPAC — Solving the problems above is a prerequisite to Israeli governments backing AIPAC against UNRWA; and AIPAC appears to be essential to removing UNRWA from Gaza or Areas A & B. Until the Israeli government is willing to support removal of UNRWA from Gaza or Areas A & B, complaints and pleas to AIPAC are a waste of everyone’s time.



  • Addressing the U.S. State Dept. — While AIPAC, if and when the problems above are resolved, may apply constructive pressure, at present the sole, somewhat feeble, avenue is to publicly shame the U.S. State Dept. for its continued funding of UNRWA’s outrageous proliferation, based on an illegal definition, of “Palestinian refugees” that ever raises and widens the barrier to peace.



  • Addressing Congress — Complaints and pleas to Congress without first solving the preceding impediments would only constitute a pointless irritant worsening our position.



  • Post-Obama, the same conditions applying to addressing Congress should also apply to addressing the U.S. President.


To Do: Blog…


Advocating separation between Gaza and Areas A & B.


  • Advocating shaming the Israeli government for supporting UNRWA specifically in Gaza.



  • Arguing that, since the Israeli pull-out (“disengagement”) in 2005, Gazans don’t meet the legal definition “refugee” and, therefore, UNRWA must redefine Gazans as not refugees.



  • Publicly attacking and shaming the U.S. State Dept. for its continued directing of American taxpayer’s money to fund the UNRWA in UNRWA’s
      • outrageous proliferation of “Palestinian refugees” eligible to “return” to “Palestine,”, based on an illegal definition, of “Palestinian refugees,” which, counter-productively, ever raises and widens the barrier to peace;


  • shielding of Muslim Arab terrorists engaged in attacking Israel;
  • schools’ collaboration in training up Muslim Arab school-child terrorists; and
  • turning a blind eye to terrorists warehousing missiles and other weapons in UNRWA schools and hospitals.


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