Guiding in Israel

I thought I would share with you a letter I wrote to a prominent Israeli tour operator in the wake of my once again being turned down for a touring job.

Dear _________,

It is very ironic and sad.

If I were still in the US, I  would protect by law to my right to observe my (our) religion.

However, In  our  beloved Jewish state, only those who are willing to disgrace our Shabbat can make a living in the “Israeli tourism industry”

I did not leave comfortable America and come home, in order to disgrace our Shabbat in favor of shekels.

Despite the frustration and disappointment, I have remained true to our Shabbat during the almost 40 years of guiding.

(It seems that most of the tour operators are not aware of the preference of great numbers of tourists for an “authentic Jewish guide and not a copy of themselves.)

I have loved every moment of my career and – despite the Shabbat “problem” that limited my income, I have never missed even one meal.

Baruch Hashem.

I will have something of real value to tell my grandchildren.

My prayer is that more people in our beloved Jewish country will understand who we are and why we are here.

Warm regards,


Last seats available for our Golan tour this Sunday, April 7
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Chol umoed Pesach tour to the Galil, Monday, April 22

About the Author
Born in the USA.MA - International Relations, Aliyah - 1977. A tour guide published hundreds of articles and lecture on Israel and the ME. Israel Navy veteran, Passionate about Israel and the Jewish people.