Gully Cricket in Israel

Whenever I think of a game to be played, first thing that comes to the mind in a jiffy would be cricket. I was not aware that I could continue playing this game here in Israel, when I first arrived; But surprises do happen when u meet friends. Yes, I do play cricket in Israel. We Indian students play cricket at any park with some grass on it, near our institution or residence. I should also acknowledge the professional Israeli cricketers, who do propagate and practice the game without compromises, mimicking the international setup. Here I am writing only about our gully cricket. To us we do not need the pads, stumps, leather ball, gloves and helmet; just a bat and a tennis ball would engage at least a minimum of ten people of us with a good quality time.

Proud factors – While playing this game we are very proud, though it isn’t about how good we play, playing cricket in Israel itself is a pride for us, funny isn’t it..! We are proud of certain things like exhibiting an unannounced performance before public, explaining this game to any Israeli friends and professors, being connected to many friends in an Indian way, getting together with other apartment mates and finally yeah I did some physical activity other than running around in our labs.

Certain funny rules do apply only to our format of game, I mean the rules vary from place to place and time to time. Before I explain the rules, I would like to list out the places where I know students play cricket; Inside Weizmann institute, Hebrew university at Jerusalem has two to three teams according to campus locations, Tel-Aviv University, at Luna park in Tel-Aviv and many more which I do not know, I expect it comments session… emoticon

Oh yes, coming to rules of the game as I said all we need is a bat and a ball, we set our rules based on area, ground level, number of people turned up for the game, number of bowlers we have etc etc etc… Yet it’s fun, it’s more of being an Indian. We play in our suburban place back home in a similar manner, we just try to apply all those crazy rules here as well.

Altogether we have good memories playing this game as always, though we do have fights, cheat in counting the runs, never agree when we got out, we do all type of chaos to the game yet we love to play together. I love you cricket…! You gave me lots of friends from my childhood to adult age, yet more to come. Where ever I go I cannot stay without playing cricket.



About the Author
Sridharan Jagadeesan is an Indian student doing his PhD at Volcani Institute. He is here for more than four years and still loves the country.