Had enough? #MeToo

I wonder, constantly, how the left can live with themselves. How do they live in such a state of extreme cognitive dissonance?

On the one hand, they tell us that they despise racism. Yet, the left are the most intolerant, racist people out there.

It’s called the racism of low expectations: When one expects of everyone else basic human decency, but doesn’t expect that of the Palestinians, one is guilty of promoting the idea that Palestinians cannot help themselves but to relish in bloodshed like barbarians.

In the last few weeks, a 16 year old Palestinian teenager murdered Ari Fuld; An 8-year-old Palestinian boy tried to stab a soldier and this morning, A Palestinian killed two Israeli parents, Ziv Hajbi and Kim Yehezkel.

After each terror attack, Palestinian society relishes in the bloodshed. They take to the streets and celebrate. They hand out candy, name streets after the murderers, and of course, pay the terrorists and their families. As if the societal “honor” from Killing Jews isn’t enough.

And yet, after each event, silence from the left. Not one smidgen of the anger that mobilizes people on international campuses or takes them to the streets of Tel Aviv to protest the Netanyahus’ consumption of ice cream and cigars.

It’s as if they collectively say: “Palestinians will be Palestinians.”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? “Boys will be boys” is the line that the left despises when it comes to the #MeToo saga currently gripping America. The “boys will be boys” line is what alleviates male responsibility for rape – those that say it, suggest that men cannot help themselves but to rape women.

You cannot be perpetually sympathetic to Palestinians and complain about those that say “boys will be boys” to excuse rape. If you hold these two views simultaneously, you are an evil hypocrite.

The Palestinians can control themselves, just like men can control themselves. If you believe that they can’t, you believe that they are animals – and that makes you guilty of the very racism you claim to oppose.

Palestinians can choose to educate their children to love life instead of glorify death. They can choose to invest in infrastructure instead of tunnels and rockets. They can choose to build instead of destroy. If you deny them of this choice, you are denying them of their humanity.

So bleeding heart liberals, listen up: You have been exposed: We see through your shit, and we’re fed up. Decide where you stand: Either your darling, “perpetually oppressed” Palestinians are people, who have the capacity to behave in a controlled, moral way, or, they are out-of-control beasts with no free choice who cannot help but celebrate when they turn their children into willing murderers.

If you believe in their humanity, show us even a drop of anger when they act out of line with this vision. In short, if you really believe Palestinians need human rights, start by treating them like humans yourselves.

About the Author
Josh is the former Chairman of SAUJS (South African Union of Jewish Students) Cape Town; and former Board Member of the SAJBD (South African Jewish Board of Deputies) Cape Council; and Tikvah Fellow