Haifa Attorney Aims to Educate Israeli Recording Artists on Copyright

For every musician, there’s equally as many scamsters looking to make a quick buck at their expense. Even legends like Leonard Cohen have signed a bad deal or two.

Cohen had the rights to his 1967 hit “Suzanne,” which arguably remains one of the most poetic and beautiful pieces of music in existence, stolen from him. This is due to ill-advice given by a ‘friend’ who assured him that he was signing a ‘standard writer’s contract.’

In typical cynical Cohen fashion, he accepted what happened to him and said “it would be wrong to write this song and get rich from it too,” a true testament to his humility. Suzanne grew immensely popular over the years and has since received over seven million views on YouTube.

Luckily, Cohen had countless other hits and went on to become one of the most dramatic and successful recording artists of all time, with over twenty studio/live albums and forty-four hit singles.

One Haifa-based lawyer has made it her career to stop things just like this from happening to artists both in Israel and abroad, and she’s hosting a lecture on changes facing the music industry in the current digital landscape.

Lana Goldhand is one such attorney, and the 28-year-old rock star advocate runs her own firm called Advocacy & Music Protection.

Goldhand says “musicians encounter issues when trying to share their talent online in order to receive exposure and build a fan base, which can also make it more difficult to sell albums.”

Goldhand’s lecture will be held in Hebrew, on Sat. Jan. 27, 2018 and begin promptly at 20:30. You can join Goldhand and fellow artists/musicians for 20 NIS at Syncopia Bar, which is located in the perfectly-hipster neighborhood of downtown Haifa, IL at Khiat 5 St.

“I’ll touch on a bit of everything, but mainly digital distribution popularity, streaming technology, copyright infringement and existing conflict resolution mechanisms, if they are efficient, and how to make a profit from putting your music online,” Goldhand said.

You can find out more about Advocacy & Music Protection (AMP) through the company’s Facebook page.

About the Author
Moshe Beauford is a freelance journalist, copywriter and blogger. Beauford’s work has appeared in publications such as GeekTime Israel, PasteMagazine, Times of Israel, Property Casualty 360 and Claims.