Hallelujah! We’ve been saved!

Israel is so fortunate that there are so many people in the world who want to save and protect it.

We have the United Nations who want to ensure peace and security in the world.  That’s why they deploy tough no nonsense peacekeeping soldiers to keep the peace… the only slight technical hitch is they are about as effective as spitting in a thunderstorm.  As I read the news today, I see that the UN have pulled out of the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, where they have been stationed since 1974, claiming the troops were in danger.  That’s fair enough – I mean no one told them that their peacekeeping duties might actually involve… keeping the peace!  Those guns they were given were more for… media and advertising purposes.  In 1967, Egyptian President Nasser ‘asked’ the UN to remove themselves from the Sinai which they promptly did, having been stationed there in order to keep the peace.  Egypt quickly sent in their army, which led to the Six Day War.  Excellent work UN!

Then there is the current so-called peace process where everyone is falling over each other trying to save Israel.  The Palestinians, of course, call for a two state solution – only caveat being that both states are Palestinian.  And the world community is calling for Israel to end its so-called ‘occupation’ in Judea and Samaria in order to ‘save’ the country.  Israel has tried that before– and the result is somewhere around 20000 missiles fired at it from Gaza, as well as a couple of wars to go along with it.

There are lots of wild and crazy ideas out there, some also suggesting that the Jews of Israel be ‘resettled’ to a different country for their ‘safety and security’.  Gee… where have I heard that before?  Those who suggest that, maintain Israel is a ‘failed state’ who provide no peace and security to her people.

Hmm failed state…  A state that outside America has more companies listed on the NASDAQ than any other.  A nation that has done more for the environment, disabled people, technology, medical science, physics and humanity than most others in the world.  A country ranked 11th in a World Happiness Report published last year – above the US’s 17th and the UK’s 22nd.  A place where more Jews live than any other in the world – and live in safety and security with the right to determine their own future.  A place where Arab citizens have full democratic rights – and many actually choose to be part of Israel, rather than the Palestinian territories.  A homeland where every Jew in the world knows they can find safe haven.  A dwelling where the dreams of ancient times have become the reality of the modern world.

I guess some people’s definition of failure is different to others.  If this is the criteria, may we all lead failed lives!

It’s true that Israel lives in a tough neighbourhood surrounded by many countries who wish its demise, and it’s sadly true that Israel has to often fight for its survival, but it’s also true that Israel could not possibly exist in any other part of the world.  The Jews became a nation here, forged from the dust of the Negev, energized by the winds of the Golan, flavoured by the salts of the Dead Sea, rejuvenated by the springs of Ein Gedi.  That connection binds Jews on a spiritual level, whether they live in Israel or abroad, and it’s something that a lot of other people cannot understand.

For those suffering from the messiah complex who want to ‘save’ the Jews, they should probably concentrate their efforts on saving the Leatherback Turtle, the Dama Gazelles or the Iberian Lynx – animals that actually are going extinct.  The Jews – they aren’t going anywhere.

When Jewish history does eventually draw to a close, it will not be in the boroughs of New York, or the eastern suburbs of Sydney, or along the banks of the Seine.

It will be where it all began almost 4000 years ago – Eretz Yisrael.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.