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Hamas Committed Most Barbaric Slaughter of Jewish People Since the Holocaust


Hamas Bombed The Hospital. Yet, The NY Times Published Hamas’s Lies.

“Never Again” Means Never Again! Many in the West are in denial about the global mandate of extreme Muslim jihadi terrorists to replicate the most genocidal attacks since the Holocaust against the Jewish people.

The turmoil in Western societies is intensified by non-existent leadership, a lack of accountability, government cronyism, and the emergence of dishonest political activists posing as ‘journalists.’ Furthermore, the spread of toxic ideologies like social justice, equity, identity politics, and virtue signaling—under the guise of moral superiority —has been crafted to force us to ‘reimagine’ our perception of history from this point forward.

Our unique cultures, historical context, values, religion, the nuclear family, freedoms, and democracy are at risk of disappearing. After thirty years of open borders, the total failures of far-left neoliberalism, multiculturalism, and anti-capitalism, the shift in education to entitlement, indoctrination, and brainwashing has skewed the way younger generations perceive the world, often substituting realistic understanding based upon historical context with ‘magical thinking.’ (Here)

New York – Does this misguided, brainwashed soul realize Hamas would execute him and all members of the LGBT community?

October 7, 2023, changed the world.

As the sole democratic state in a region dominated by authoritarian regimes, Israel maintains its legitimate right to self-defense, a stance backed by international law. The actions of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) are measured responses aimed at safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty and security rather than acts of retaliation, retribution, or vengeance. These false narratives are propaganda tools used to distract from the atrocities committed by Hamas and to fracture the unity of those standing against such heinous crimes against humanity. Israel’s strategic and defensive operations are fundamental to its national survival and the protection of its citizens from existential terrorist threats from these Muslim extreme jihadists.

Hamas, a designated terrorist organization ruling Gaza (Here), realized the impossibility of overpowering the IDF during the multi-year planning phase of its pogrom in Israel. (Here) Accordingly, Hamas planned to deliberately escalate the number of civilian casualties to achieve a public relations victory that would shock the world and accelerate existing antisemitism and hatred against Israel and the Jewish people. Hamas is pure evil. This is “a battle between good vs. evil, light and darkness.” (Here and Here)

The global dissemination of Hamas’s propaganda chiefly seeks to create false equivalence that trivializes and whitewashs their heinous crimes against humanity, notably their brutal, deliberate, and live streamed on GoPro barbaric slaughter of more than 1,300 non-combatants and the abduction of 260 non-combatants on October 7. The objective of Hamas, as stated in their charter: “the obliteration of Israel and the genocide of the Jewish people.”(Here)  Ghazi Hamad, a leader of the terrorist organization, celebrated the crimes committed on October 7 and promised “Hamas would repeat such many times in the future until Hamas destroys Israel.” (Here)

Videos show Hamas celebrating the murders they committed on October 7.

Hamas, with the financial support of a state actor, spent years planning a massacre so grotesque that Israel would be forced to defend itself from the Hamas pogrom with an immediate and forceful response that would ensure the survival of Israel and the safety of its citizens of a diverse populace that includes 20% Muslims and 10% Christians.

On October 7, Hamas successfully coordinated the most brutal and savage mass murder and crimes against humanity on the Jewish people since the Holocaust. (Here)

Terrorist networks use the social media mob to amplify their brainwashing, propaganda, and antisemitic messaging.

Within 24 hours of the Hamas executions, Hamas launched a massive propaganda campaign, posting phony death numbers, photos from Syria, and even went as far as accusing Israel of heinous war crimes that Hamas themselves committed.

Socialist university professors, social media influencers, rock stars (Here), and former politicians — some of whom earn substantial sums from ‘per click’ activity on Elon Musk’s platform, regardless of the veracity of their posts — are primarily focused on garnering clicks and driving internet traffic. This brand of activist citizen journalism thrives on fabrication. They quickly disseminate false conspiracy theories, essentially trading ‘clicks for cash,’ contributing to a considerable increase in antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment around the globe. (Here)

In 2009, Jeremy Corbyn, the ex-Labour Party leader, described members of Hamas and Hezbollah as his friends during a 2009 talk and refused to call Hamas a terrorist organization in a recent interview with Piers Morgan. (Here)

Last week, the antisemitic conspiracy theories, lies, and hate spread by the ex-labor party Minister of Parliament, Chris Williamson, in his interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer, were extraordinary. (Here)

UK’s ex-Labour activist Kate Varnfield, 66, at pro-Palistine in London, proudly displays an anti-semitic placard with the Star of David and a Nazi swastika. The UK’s metropolitan police did nothing. How is this acceptable?

Why, after well over a month, have the media and these left-wing ‘influencers’ not demanded the immediate and unconditional release of all the 240+ hostages held by terrorists? (Here) Their silence is deafening. Instead, they support protesters chanting genocidal slogans advocating for more violence and the obliteration of Israel and the Jewish people. (Here, Here, Here)

After the black October attacks, the IDF’s mandate was the self-defense of Israel. The IDF acted within the parameters of International law, defending Israel and eliminating current and future genocidal terrorist threats while protecting its people and ensuring the survival of the nation.

Each IDF military target strike decision is reviewed by independent IDF military lawyers outside the chain of command, who determine if the strike is “legally permissible.”  (Here and Here)

Antisemitism at a “peaceful” London rally

The truth stands in sharp contrast to the deceitful narratives crafted by the terrorists and parroted by many ill-informed social media far-left ‘influencers’’, certain politicians, and many media outlets, all of whom seem to harbor a deep-seated hatred toward Israel and the Jewish people. (Here)

The increasing propaganda on social media includes the denial of Hamas committing war crimes and genocide against the Jewish people (despite the numerous GoPro videos published by Hamas that depict their war crimes and ‘gleeful’ celebrations), claims that Israel is an apartheid state guilty of war crimes and genocide and that it has held Palestinians in open-air concentration camps in Gaza. Such claims are further inflamed by unfounded and hateful statements like Norman Finkelstein’s statement that “Gaza’s concentration camp is now a death camp.”
More about Finkelstein (Here)

More about Finkelstein (Here)

The continuous repetition of these many denials on social media serves as clickbait for influencers who get paid from Musk’s X for generating traffic on X. These tweets had several hundred million views – with one example alone garnering 29.5 million views.

Breaking Fake News from a radical influencer on Musk’s X, who gets paid clicks for cash in Australia.

The spread of these unsubstantiated falsehoods, such as posts by ‘Syrian Girl’’ has significantly fueled the rise in antisemitism and hatred towards Israel and the Jewish people. The trend in antisemitism has been intensifying over the over a decade. The propagation of these paid lies, antisemitic tropes, and rhetoric must be confronted and eradicated. (Here)

Nearly a Million Muslim Deaths in Syria and Yemen Wars: Why the Silence and Lack of Protests?

The hypocrisy and international outrage over the deaths of more than 450,000 Muslims in Syria (Here) and over 300,000 in Yemen (Here) leads to the bitter realization that the issue is less about concern for Muslims and more about an ingrained hatred towards Jews. Where are the worldwide protests? Crickets from the dishonest media and the paid “influencers” on X.

The denial that characterizes antisemitism is potent. Extremists, whether terrorists, hypocritically religious, or overtly antisemitic, share a common thread of denial that fuels their actions. They inhabit rabbit holes and echo chambers, convinced of their virtue, using justification as a salve for any lingering conscience.

Morally, we are all compelled to challenge those who station military command centers around hospitals and within residential buildings, deliberately risking civilian lives and inciting violence against Jews at any cost. These strategies may even surpass the unspeakable barbarity of Nazi war crimes from World War II.

The media’s failure to accurately report these realities is often due to laziness and an ideological bent that prioritizes activism over factual reporting, forsaking nuanced historical analysis for skewed storytelling and ignorance. Their narrative is tainted by a lack of geopolitical insight, reliable sources on the ground, and an understanding of the complex ideological, cultural, and religious motivations driving the antisemitic agenda.

Antisemitism continues to flourish as terrorists execute heinous acts, prompting defensive responses from Israel. At the same time, Hamas cynically employs civilians as human shields as the social mob runs cover for them because, as above, it’s just the Jews. This deceitful strategy is designed to cleanse their image, curry favor with an ill-informed Western public, and have the world turn on Israel and its people. The necessity to acknowledge and confront these harsh truths is paramount in combating the insidious spread of antisemitism and in defending the integrity and safety of Jewish communities worldwide.

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