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Hamas Has PMS

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Primitive Mental States of Hollowness

War Blog #8 (revised 08.11.23

As we move further into Hamas’s shit, this brings us to the subject of PMS. One might wonder if I mean here Premenstrual Syndrome which is widely known as PMS by its initials. No, but there is an intersection between the PMS that I am going to talk about – Primitive Mental States. The interconnection concerns sexuality, gender identity, aggression, a rage that exceeds murder itself to fend off the underlying undeniable feeling of being dead. But first, let us revisit the issue of anality and its shit.

The Thai Worker and Hamas’s Shit

The theme of shit returns literally. A Thai worker dove into cow shit in order to save himself from Hamas’s shit.

Djemal went on, “Another one of the workers jumped out of the Thai living quarters and ran to the cow stalls, where he buried himself in cow dung so that only his eyes and nose were visible, and he hid there for several hours, as shooting continued on either side of him.”

The Unconscious Communicative Circuit of Shit
There are those who might brush off this interpretation but they run the risk of being in denial. That is how terror works. Psychological projections create a communicative circuit. You can think about it as a kind of unwanted visceral imprint that the perpetrator imposes on you unconsciously in nanoseconds. Hamas’s unconscious projections surface in the reactions by which the targeted victims used in order to save themselves. All of this was done in a split second and unconsciously. This Thai worker intuitively knew that Hamas would not bother with cow shit as only their shit mattered. Cf.

These jihadi projections emanate from the psychosis of Hamas’ primitive mental states. Indeed, other victims intuitively knew to “played dead” in order to survive. The theme of deadness is the essence of the jihadi.

Murdering in order to feel alive
Hamas’s Hollow jihadis are very confused concerning all sexual matters due in large part to the maternal fusion of failing to separate. In Arab Muslim culture a male is not supposed to touch any other female except for his mother until he marries, allegedly. The rampage of raping reflected sexual identity confusion concerning their masculinity.

High on captagon these robotic serial killers used GoPro cameras to record and project their wanton acts for self-recognition. Like rape this was their perverse idea of intimacy and a way to feel enlivened.

A colleague wrote to me after reading Hamas’s Hollow jihadis War Blog Post #7:

. . . about the need to murder to prove one exists, it reminds me of a lecture by an FBI psychologist/profiler who described a man who needed to inflict pain and horror in others just to prove that he was someone who mattered. That reminds me also of exhibitionists who need to shock others in order to remind themselves that they actually do exist and really do have a sexual identity that others can see and respond to (even if negatively). Personal communication Harold Kudler, M.D.

Another psychoanalyst happened to send an email also about how jihadis are enlivened by the terrorist acts:

-5- « El Makhoukhi has an idealized memory of his time in Syria. “Although it was tough,” admits the injured man in the area, “I had the best time of my life there. I felt alive.[emphasis mine] I wouldn’t have traded that for a life in a castle.” »

JLV : Will it still be necessary, as they say in Persian, to add sugar to honey? El Makhoukhi’s formulation “I felt alive” is striking in its psychic accuracy and illustrates the pacifying function for any psychotic of a rigorous life meticulously regulated by external constraints, even by a commitment marked by the seal of the ultimate.

Note Le Soir English May 2023 page 2 of 3 by Jean Luc Vannier, Nice, France

The lack of a sense of self, a hollowness, manifests through the psychotic murderous mayhem. It reiterates what I have mentioned before – “I feel therefore I act.” Hence the concept of PMS is in order.

Primitive Mental States Defined
Terrorists are dominated by primitive mental states (PMS) and defense mechanisms. Such severe defenses as splitting, projection, projective identification, domination, control, envy, jealousy, shame and many unresolved conflicts keep them not only in constant battle with themselves but with others.

“PMS is a catchall term that covers areas pertaining to protomental states, i.e., states of the mind not yet differentiated from states of body [emphasis added]: prenatal/neonatal imprints on the mind and body; early attachment trauma; unmentalized states. Trying to conceptualize a PMS is rather like trying to imagine something that is absent, but makes itself felt. These are states of mind that split off, not accessible to awareness, not bound to perception or content, but could be called an excess of psychic energy that is not bound or contained. There is a fracture, a gap, in the tissue of representations, a hole, if you will, that psychic suffering fills. The violence of these unbound affects disorganizes the mind. . . It feels like life or death” [quoting Gloria Burgess Levine, PhD cf. The Jihadi Dictionary: The Essential Intel Tool for Military, Law Enforcement, Government and the Concerned Public, 2016]

We can surmise what jihadi violence means by thinking about unconscious behavior, the violent graphic imagery and mental states. The concept of annihilating the other is key in light of early childhood development even though counterterrorist experts shy away from the ramifications of the maternal attachment, leading them into denial, not listening because they are too terrified and complacency as to the depth of the psychotic jihadi terrors.

The prologue to violence is early childhood

We are at the frontier of biology and social behavior concerning the underpinnings of aggression in human beings. Soon we will have a better biological picture of aggression, but what is currently acknowledged is that maternal attachment plays a crucial role. Terrorists learn violence early in their lives, very much like the domestic abuser. I have written extensively on this topic in my three previous books: The Banality of Suicide Terrorism, Penetrating the Terrorist Psyche and The Maternal Drama of the Chechen Jihadi. The Jihadi Dictionary defines how terrorists misuse objects and how this reveals that they forever and relentlessly remain pathologically bonded and fused to their mothers. Simply stated, terrorists misuse and distort the meaning and intention of their objects due to primitive mental states. People become dehumanized. They are not people to terrorists; they are objects to be abused and destroyed in their twisted minds.

*I intentionally write jihadi with a small “j” so as not to aggrandize the perpetrators. I was once asked at a conference in Spain why do you call them jihadis and not jihadists? I answered because I asked them in the prison what they call themselves and they said – jihadis.

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