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Hamas Human Shields  

The Hamas commander speaks to his lieutenants.  

“I have decided that the Israelis are correct.  We do not fight like men.  We hide behind women and children.  I am ordering an immediate change in strategy.”

He continued:  “We will move our operations away from civilian areas.  We will build trenches, a Maginot line to stop Israeli tanks.  We will build our ammunition storage facilities on the beach well away from civilian areas.  Our rocket launch sites will be positioned in open agricultural fields.  No more secret storage facilities underneath schools and hospitals.  Our training camps will be in the no man’s land between residential areas and Israel’s border fence.  We will fight like men.”

The Hamas leaders saw the wisdom and morality of the leader’s sage decision.  They immediately implemented his new policies.

Israel destroyed the whole new Hamas infrastructure, facilities, and thousands of Hamas fighters within the hour.

Historical note:  In the battle of Rorke’s Drift, 1879, the British had just over 150 troops; the Zulus about 3,500.    The British had guns; the Zulus mainly spears.  The Zulus were driven back with 400 dead; the British had 17 dead.  Israelis in Gaza, like the Zulus, have the superiority in numbers; like the British, they also have the superiority in weaponry (even more so than the British 140 years ago). 




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