Hamas is responsible for the “plight” of Gaza

TOI readers were advised that there are “weekly border protests in which several thousand Gazans gathered at five sites. Some of the demonstrators rioted, throwing rocks and makeshift explosive devices…”

Why the pretense of reporting these weekly riots, which include violence and efforts to breach the order, as mere protests? Such reporting is, to be charitable, misleading.

In response to May 4th rocket barrages, the article noted that the IDF targeted Hamas compounds in Gaza City used for training and for weapons production. It said one of the sites was used by the organization’s naval force. The article did not mention Gaza’s multi-million dollar investment in terror tunnels. This might generate a few questions about whether it is these choices, not “the blockade, which has ravaged Gaza’s economy.”

The Guardian reported in March 2019 that although Hamas backs the “March of Return” along the frontier, it has not shown approval for “internal criticism.” Palestinians gathered in multiple locations to rally, and made clear their demands were economic and not an attempt to overthrow their leaders. But The Guardian reported that “Videos posted online showed officers clubbing unarmed protesters and firing live rounds into the air. Amnesty International said hundreds of people, including journalists attempting to document the rallies, had been subjected to arbitrary arrest and torture.” So much for attempts by Gazans to rightly hold their leaders accountable for their living conditions.

Perhaps those rallies took into account what Gaza and Monaco gave in common, a gorgeous Mediterranean coastline. Consider the disadvantage Monaco has – its population density is greater than that of Gaza. Perhaps those protesting Gazans noticed that Monaco has cruise ship tourist facilities, including a casino, and is wealthy. Perhaps they recall that Gazans destroyed the greenhouse economy left intact in 2005, and wonder why Hamas develops terror-tunnels and rockets (perverse misuse of international aid) instead of cruise ship tourist facilities and a casino, which would create an economy offering a good standard of living to its people.

The weekly mass hate-fests along the Israeli frontier are intended to deflect attention away from Gaza’s self-generated “plight.” Gaza’s circumstances reflect its elected leaders’ choices, which prioritize the destruction of Israel.

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