Hamas, Let Your People Go


Please let your people go. You are causing their suffering and in turn holding my people hostage all over the world. You are filled with fury, anger, hate and sickness that is so deeply embedded in your psyche. You are convinced that it is your holy mission in the world to destroy. So much so that you are also willing to destroy the people you were elected to protect and safeguard. You have spread your hate so wide and so deep that the people you are destroying don’t even see you as destroyers. They see you as protectors.

Please, let your people go.

Let them go from your anger for Israel.

Let them go from your sick pleasure in killing Jews.

Let them go from your ego that keeps you trapped in your own delusion.

Let them go from your terrorist training camps.

Let them flee their homes when Israel comes to destroy a rocket launcher that is endangering millions of Israeli’s lives.

Let them go from your love of death.

Let them free of the bombs you strap to their bodies.

Let them live.

Let them free of the false reality that Israel will be destroyed.

Let them free of the delusion that they will take over a land called Palestine.

Release them from a world of anger.

Release them from a life of suffering.

Release them from a life of victimization.

Release them from their prison of loyalty to you.

Let them go.

For if you do, my people might be free too.

Free of abuse.

Free of constant hatred.

Free of being called a dirty Jew

Free of being called a Nazi

Free of being targeted just for being a Jew

Free of being insulted and abused.

Free of fear of their neighbors

Free of the deepest sadness of burying a child.

Free from the siren to run for shelter.

Free to defend ourselves from your plan to destroy us.

Free to connect to your people more readily

Free to live peacefully with your people.

Free to more easily love your people.

So, please, let your people go, so my people can also be free.



About the Author
Raizel Druxman is a writer and a recent addition to this amazing country we call home. She landed here in January 2013 after a 5-month excursion in Southeast Asia and the Far East and is always seeking new ways to connect to people and encourage Jews of all stripes to love each other. Raised among the mountains, lakes and trees of Seattle, she is now trying to find peace in the alleys of Nachlaot.