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Hamas weapons targeted at Europe

People take part in a 'Stand with Palestine demostration, close to the Israeli embassy, in West London, on October 9, 2023. (Daniel LEAL/AFP)
People take part in a 'Stand with Palestine' demonstration, close to the Israeli embassy, in West London, on October 9, 2023. (Daniel LEAL/AFP)

Why would terrorists who have raped women before and after murdering them or kidnapping babies and old people tell the truth?

The woke culture in Europe, which has turned left-wing parties and organizations into Hamas’s public relations officers on European soil, threatens to erase the continent’s identity and promote one of the most important bases of disinformation in a war that is also fundamentally informational.

Every war has its own information battle where there is a significant amount of audience positioning itself on one side or the other. However, in the case of the war in Gaza, those who have chosen to support Hamas, the terrorist organization that unleashed a massacre on 7 October, have done so with as much ignorance as conviction. From Madrid, Paris or London, pro-Palestinian activism has violently arrogated to itself that it is the only authorized voice to speak out in the West. 

Why would terrorists who have raped women before and after murdering them or kidnapping babies and old people tell the truth? Taking Hamas as a credible source of information, knowing that journalism is banned in Gaza, is like believing Daesh during its heyday in the Levant. The Al-Ahli al Arabi hospital case was the perfect example of the media lynching that, as the hours passed, was shattered.

In the hours following the Hamas attack, classic antisemitic voices resounded, albeit covertly, in a critique as underground as the Gaza tunnels. Even when it was not known how many people had been killed in Israel as a result of terrorism, there were already those who insinuated that this was happening for a reason, and that this reason was fueled by each and every one of the myths surrounding the Palestinian question.

First they referred to the famous mantra of occupation and occupied territories, part of the glossary used by Hamas and adopted by European activism in the classic slogan “from the river to the sea Palestine will win”. Although Israel has not been in the Gaza Strip for 18 years and there are no occupied territories, the entire ideological and discursive machinery of pro-Palestinian activism worked from 7 October itself as Hamas’s public relations officer.
Woke activism waited for Israel’s defense to ambush the victims and to construct in an accelerated manner a distortion cleverly enough presented to turn that victim into the victimizer. This was a perverse ambush that rejoiced and allowed all those who promote the disappearance of the State of Israel and its almost 10 million inhabitants to come out of the wardrobe. For such activism, it makes no difference to use such delicate concepts as genocide, apartheid or ethnic cleansing because they are exempt from the shame of looking like ignoramuses or liars.
Disinformation is also a weapon of war and in Europe there were those who, consciously or unconsciously, distorted reality in order to fuel the antisemitic outbreak that led to the branding of Jewish houses in France, Germany and Spain. In Europe, modern antisemitism is the Palestinian Arab cause encouraged by that Islamic migration that exports the training they received in their countries of origin where Israel does not exist, but where there is something called an occupying entity that occupies from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. The epicentre of the pro-Hamas mobilization in Barcelona, where Jewish shops were violently attacked, was led by North Africans.
The last 20 years have reformatted European capitals, mainly those in the West, which make up Western Europe. From Portugal to the Nordic countries, the Islamisation of their societies has challenged many of the characteristic principles and social covenants that have endured over time. This wave of migration, especially as conflicts in Asia and the Middle East, such as the war in Afghanistan or Syria, have unfolded, has taken political discussions by storm in countries such as secular France, where there is strong pressure and extortion to accept Islamic symbols.

The fanciful alliance between the left and Islam is being fought in Europe as an element born of the union between those Islamic migratory currents, especially those that are illegal products of organised crime, with a culture of the unreal so absorbed by young Europeans. Those Europeans who have decided to cry “from the river to the sea Palestine will win”, perhaps out of impotence or disbelief, forget that the same terrorism has killed hundreds of people in attacks on European soil.

In a world where international relations are part of the same chessboard, where there are common interests and where threats very easily become global, Israel’s war has become the war of the entire West. And this is not an empty slogan, but a motto of life. A defence of history, identity and civilisation that has sheltered a version of the world that is certainly perfectible, but which is much better than the one built by regimes such as Iran, Syria or Russia.

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