Hamas’s selective accounting system

Hamas say they can track exactly how many thousand women and children in Gaza have been killed. 37,374 to be precise.

However, the same Hamas cannot keep track of the 116 Israelis the terrorist organisation still illegally holds hostage in that same Gaza. According to Hamas spokesperson Osama Hamdan, who is funded by the UN and EU using Western taxpayer income, “nobody has any idea how many hostages are still alive”.

So Hamas can apparently keep track of 37,374 Gaza Muslims, but cannot keep track of 116 Jews. Good job they’re not anti-Semites…

UN- and EU-funded warfare and lawfare against Israel
It is part of Hamas’s UN-and EU-funded psychological warfare tactic, which these two taxpayer-financed organisations fully support. The UN and EU do not respond by demanding that Hamas must immediately locate and return ALL the hostages, or else the promised recognition of “Palestinian Statehood” will be revoked. In the UN and EU mindset, there is never any question of criticising Muslim terrorists, only of rewarding and appeasing Muslim terrorists while criticising Israeli responses to Muslim terrorists.

The world community in the form of the UN, the EU, the ICC, the ICJ and every other taxpayer-funded alphabetical combination one can dream up seems perfectly at ease with this fundamental inability to monitor the lives of Jews plucked illegally from their homes, while at the same time condemning Israel for continuing its two-fold drive to destroy Hamas’s military capabilities and rescue its abducted citizens.

There’s a direct correlation between holding hostages in your home, and people shooting you dead for holding hostages

That world community has roundly condemned Israel for daring to “abduct” four of its kidnapped citizens from under the noses of Hamas, decrying the “many civilian casualties” that resulted from the rescue operation. Without even a trace of irony or acknowledgement of the absurdity of their claim, the idea seems to be that when civilians are kidnapped from their homes inside Israel and then imprisoned in private homes in the enemy territory of Gaza, Israel has a greater duty of care to the civilian Gazan human shields illegally guarding the abductees than it does to the rescue of its own innocent citizens. Yet it’s actually so simple even well-paid UN and EU officials ought to be able to get it: there’s a direct correlation between holding hostages in your home, and people shooting you dead for holding hostages. Don’t want to die? Fine – don’t hold hostages.

But all is not gloom and doom – far from it
1. Israel’s legitimate response to the Hamas and Jihad Islami massacre of October 7th is turning conventional Western military doctrine on its head. Conventional military responses to asymmetrical warfare, such as al Qaeda, Taliban and ISIS atrocities, has been to invade their home territories, engage them militarily, and then maintain a massive military presence there. Ultimately, this strategy has been proven to be faulty, resulting in the Western military abandoning their foothold after suffering massive losses in both manpower and materiel. Israel, instead, mounts swift and short-term incursions into Hamas and Jihad Islami strongholds, kills or captures terrorists, and then immediately withdraws.

Yes, the terrorists and their stakeholders in Tehran try to put a gloating spin on this strategy by claiming that the IDF does not have the stomach for a sustained battle, but the IDF is fighting clever, minimising its exposure. When the terrorists return to their former bases, the IDF goes back in and decimates them again. And again. It’s a highly successful tactic that has both Tehran and their proxies in Gaza scratching their heads as they try to find a way to counter Israel’s version of asymmetrical war, one that does not involve pitched battles. So far, both Hamas and Jihad Islami have suffered crippling losses in both manpower and military infrastructure. And the IDF is nowhere near finished with them.

2. The north of Israel is burning. Hezbollah has randomly set fire to vital nature reserves, destroying water sources, livestock, thousands of homes, factories, schools. The Lebanese terrorist army has achieved unexpected success in its ability to penetrate Israel’s defences. But it comes at a high cost to Hezbollah. Because in response, Israel has been wiping out top Hezbollah commanders the length and breadth of Lebanon and Syria. For the first time in decades, Tehran’s puppet in Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah, understands that he is now in the crosshairs of the IDF. Not necessarily with a view to launching a full-scale war, but as part of the IDF’s determination to remove as many top policy-makers and commanders from the Hezbollah elite as possible.

And that strategy is biting hard. Western – and indeed Israeli – pundits fear that Israeli “escalation” may result in full-blown war not just with Hezbollah but also with their masters in Tehran. Which is true. But what they don’t seem to internalise is that whatever Israel does or does not do today, tomorrow the Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran will still invade and massacre the entire population of Israel. It’s in their charter. In Arabic, Farsi and English. Israel and indeed the world community ignores their clear, unequivocal statement of intent at their peril. After October 7th, Israel for its part has finally realised there is no reasoning with these evil forces. Either Israel wins, or the terrorists win. Hezbollah claims that with their ability to fire 3000 missiles a day for 6 months they will win their war of attrition against the Jewish state. And that’s true, if the statement stands alone. But those glib words do not factor in the grinding attrition Hezbollah is already suffering in manpower, logistical capacity, weaponry and infrastructure. With much more to come, day by day.

3. There is increasing support in the Israeli political and military and in Israeli society for finally making the state of Lebanon pay for hosting the Hezbollah terrorist army. This may involve a like-for-like trade-off: since Hezbollah has made northern Israel unliveable for Israeli citizens through constant barrages of missiles against civilian, industrial and military infrastructure, Israel can make the entire area of Lebanon south of the Litani River unliveable for Lebanese citizens, adopting a policy of “if it moves, bomb it”. The entire area south of the Litani is supposed to be 100% free from Hezbollah. The UN has consistently refused to live up to its extremely well-paid (taxpayer-funded) mandate to enforce this legal obligation, so Israel would simply be doing the job that UNIFIL is actually being paid to do. Another example of the corruption that is part and parcel of everything to do with the UN.

4. Europe is experiencing a resurgence of right-centre sentiment. Europe is increasingly fed up with the sickness that is Palestinianism. Yes, we all see the images of massive pro-terrorism demonstrations. And no, these hooligans are not the majority, they are simply more vocal. When it comes to elections, Europeans vote exactly the opposite way. Both out of a feeling of revulsion at the very thought that people would support the brutal massacre of civilians, some as young as six months old. And because Europeans are utterly fed up with being constantly forced by left-wing governments to foot the astronomical financial bill as Hezbollah, the PA and Hamas continue to demand the right to wage permanent war on Israel while also demanding that Europe finances the inevitable subsequent rebuilding of their ravaged entities, time and time again. Europe is no longer interested in serving as a bank for ruthless barbarians.

War will come – Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah say so
The bottom line is this: all-out war will come, Israelis will die in their thousands. The only question is, will Israel wait for her enemies to launch that war at the time of their choosing so that tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians are killed, or will Israel pre-empt and crush the invasion before it starts, minimising her civilian losses. Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Jihad Islami, the Houthis, the Iranian regime, all clearly state their aim of invading and erasing the Jewish state once and for all. Cool-headed analysts take them at their word, while European politicians pretend they haven’t heard or read or seen anything.
The UN and EU will of course support terrorists, but Israel has no intention of pleasing either the UN or the EU.

About the Author
Served as deputy chair of the West Sweden branch of the Sweden-Israel Friendship Association. Written three political thrillers about Sweden-Israel-Gaza in The Hart Trilogy: "Bridges Going Nowhere" (2014), "The Threat Beneath" (2015) and "From the Shadows" (2016), where the action switches seamlessly between Samaria, Gaza, Israel, Sweden and Iran. Work has started on a fourth book, "Picture Imperfect".