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Hamas’s Shit

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Diving Into Their Shit Literally

War Blog #5 (revised 08.11.23)

Shit and Its Perverse Psychology

This blog came about when asked – how much water does Israel supply to Gaza? The answer apparently is 1/3. Yet no one seems to know who supplies the other 2/3. Along with this inquiry, I received the above image of the ecological disaster of Gaza’s sewage now spilling on to the coast of Israel. A friend replied “So now we have to deal with their shit!”

In truth we have been dealing with their shit all along.

It’s urgently necessary to understand the unconscious underpinnings for Hamas’ horrific aberrant behavior and why we continue to pay the price and be immersed in their shit.

While Hamas might look like adults in body, they are mentally not more than 18 months old. That is why they cannot be reasoned with nor trusted.

The above image caused me to associate to Omar Mateen, the American Afghan jihadi, who carried out the horrific attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Florida on June 12, 2016 where he murdered 49 and maimed 53. If my memory serves me correctly when the FBI went into his apartment they found shit everywhere. He manifested the anal expulsive or should I say “explosive” personality.

You, the reader, might brush off and laugh at this psychological understanding as ridiculous but if you do so, you do so at your own risk because you have been lured unconsciously into an identification with the aggressor and its denial. Furthermore, you have been unconsciously aroused by Hamas’ shit’s titillating sadomasochism. A definition is in order:

Hamas’ Anal Expulsive lege “Explosive” Group Personality
Ψ In psychology the anal expulsive personality stems from the anal stage. “A child who becomes fixated due to over control [emphasis added; this is part of the traumatic bonding with the mother] transfers his or her unresolved anal (or control) issues into characteristics such as cruelty, pushiness, messiness, or disorganization.”

X (crossed swords of jihad) The jihadis have an anal expulsive fused group personality because they are not individuated. Ref to my earlier blogs – they are a fused dysfunctional non-working group, i.e. not for the betterment of society. There is no concept of “Tikun Olam,”i.e. Hebrew for repairing the world to make it a better place as there is in Judaism.Everything they touch turns to shit, often quite literally. This is a manifestation of their psychotic aggression and its annihilating factor. An example that crystallizes this concept is the development of the body bomb placed in the anus. It concretizes the essence of this personality. The jihadis say that “Explosives are believed to be the safest weapon for the Mujahideen … In addition, explosives strike the enemy with sheer terror and fright.”31 Think of this as a concretization of their personalities literally projected outwards. Again, “I feel therefore I act.” I feel a rage that exceeds murder itself and I murder with a rage that exceeds murder, mutilation of the body etc. This links back to Sadism.

Ψ Sadism is a psychosexual disorder that involves deriving sexual gratification from infliction of pain on others.

The anal phase “refers to the developmental period between ages 18 months and 36 months. Posited first by Freud (1908), this phase is marked by the shift of the child’s instinctual interest from the mouth to the anus. Pleasure now is derived from the stimulation of the anal mucous membrane by the passage of faeces. Anus, anal sphincter, act of defecation, and faeces preoccupy the child. They offer the opportunity for gratifying libidinal impulses (withholding faeces in the hope of greater stimulation of the anal mucous membrane) as well as aggressive impulses (forcefully expelling the faeces). At first, the object of such ‘anal eroticism’ and ‘anal sadism’ is faeces itself. However, with increasing socialization of impulses via toilet training, the retentive and expulsive anal pleasures come to involve parental objects, especially the mother [emphasis mine].

X (crossed swords of jihad) The jihadis are developmentally arrested at the anal stage because they have not been able to individuate from their mothers. Hence the anus and feces/shit play a special role in the jihadi’s group mind. This is their power struggle projected outwards. Objects are misused and destroyed. The Islamic State derives pleasure from sadism and its murders and tortures. Whatever the jihadis touch, it turns to feces because in their mind’s eye and their reverse superego feces are golden. They live in the reverse world where good is bad and bad is good. Like little boys being toilet trained, they show off their destructiveness with pride as if it were of great importance. A good example of this would be how the Taliban has engaged in cultural terrorism, destroying the ancient statues of Bamiyam or how ISIS completely destroyed ancient Palmyra. And now we have their annihilation of the southern periphery in Israel, at last count see below* and their shit literally causing and ecological disaster.

Sticky bombs and anality – their shit:
X (the crossed swords of Jihad) Masking the jihadi’s allegedly “normal” behavior is an unconscious sociopathic behavior that is exemplified by the sticky plastic explosive they use. This object literally fuses to its target. While tactically clever, the sticky plastic bomb communicates unconsciously a skewed psychological attachment to the body of the mother. The jihadis are obsessed with all things maternal due to their unconsciously perceived maternal deprivation. They create a heroic mother as a defense against their dependency needs and also their terror of the female and her body. It can be surmised that there was some kind of problem or ruptures in early attachment and that the conditions of maternal attachment were not optimal for creating a healthy first experience of intimacy. Jihadis do not know what intimacy is because they bond and attach to people like sticky bombs, through violence. The sticky bomb is literally an adhesive for bonding to their target, but it is also their shit, which they feel is golden. The only thing that they can produce is shit. Everything they touch turns to shit. Just think of the imagery of destruction in all the war zones of the Muslim world.

How to deal with their shit? Speak to them in the only language they know — Hamas-ese
We must continue to talk to them in their own language as abhorrent as it may seem. Tragically their fused terrorist group was raised by the Ummah’s ummi – they are all fused together having a herd mentality. Thus, they are all responsible for the dynamic because of the shame honor principles they adhere to where they murder their own women and children.

Yet it is NOT enough to say that they murder their own because this explanation fails to go to the root of the problem. It does not delve into the why and the how. The group unconscious must be dealt with and its unconscious violent child rearing practices must be changed which is the source of Hamas’ shit.

Collective Punishment Is a Misnomer
The world’s enemies of Israel buy into the identification with the aggressor shrieking that “collective punishment” is not justified. It’s not that this is “collective punishment.” Rather, it should be understood as the response by which Israel speaks Hamas-ese and by extension the language of the Ummah. Everything that I say – the Ummah actually knows and all the Arab and Muslim nations know it too. None of this is new. However, they themselves feel such great shame and are so terrorized by their own that they fail to speak out and break the chains of the cycle of domination-submission. They, too, are conflicted as they have become sado-masochistically addicted to the violence. Unconsciously they delight in the sadomasochism.

The Muslim Custom of Passing Out Candy — Alshamāta, i.e. Schadenfreude
I would be remiss if I did not conclude with the Arabic concept of Alshamāta translated as Schadenfreude, taking pleasure in the misfortune of others. It is their custom to pass out candy to celebrate the massacre and slaughter of the Jews. Elsewhere and a long time ago, I argued that this practice causes a covert narcissistic biochemical change in the body promoting the addiction to violence.

Schopenhauer, the philosopher, said that “To feel envy is human, to savor Schadenfreude is diabolical.”


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Dr. Kobrin made aliyah in 2010 and is an internationally renowned counterterrorism expert and psychoanalyst holding a PhD in Islamic literature, aljamía 16th c. Author of five books. She has conducted prison interviews, a former military contractor with an academic appointment as external expert at La Universidad de Granada. She is a senior research analyst for The Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism Center. She also works in citizen diplomacy. In August 2020 she was the first Israeli to be live-streamed from Islamabad.