Shayndel Plotkin
Executive Director, Liumi, Inc.

Hang on to Hope

Imagine there is a string that brings heaven and earth together. This is where they kiss. In the moment and we have many of these moments where Heaven and Earth Kiss.

This is the string that tugs at us when we are sinking in sadness and despair and it loosens as we are soaring and floating toward purpose and prayer.

This is a time we are striving for hope and craving connection.

Grab it with me and hold on tight.

Imagine there is a rope that is thick and rough as we grasp it and swing and sway we hold it tighter and tighter, our hands are sore and even scraped as we grip it and do not let go.

This is a time we are losing hope and feeling alone.

Grab it with me and hold on tight.

Imagine there is a ribbon satin and soft. Its fabric feels gentle and silky smooth upon our skin and light on our bodies. We wrap ourselves in it as we swing through the winds of the day as we bask in our movement and know we are safe.

This is a time we are filling up with unwavering inspiration and deep love for our people and our world.

Grab it with me and hold on tight.

Imagine there is a cord that is suffocating us and with each harsh jolt and tug it then releases only to push and pull us farther from our bond with heaven and hope. We must cut the cord and free fall.

Let go – let go – let go

Imagine that I will catch you and we will share the ribbon of hope that binds us and caresses our skin. We will swing and sway and move and stay connected to our Hope and to our People and to our Land and to One Another.

This is the ETERNAL Kiss between Heaven and Earth.

Grab it with me. Hold on tight with me. Hang on to Hope with me.

About the Author
Co-Founder and Executive Director of Liumi West Retreat. As a teacher, writer, and facilitator of Jewish educational seminars and curriculum, Shayndel Plotkin is passionate about working with women, children, and families to help them grow and develop – spiritually and personally. Her background in the Jewish community, Jewish education, and Israel advocacy began in the South Florida community more than twenty years ago as a writer for the Jewish press, and then as the Israel Experience Director for the Commission for Jewish Education. She has recently been certified as a female farmer in the state of Florida. Shayndel is a writer of novels, children's stories, a professional memoirist, and writer for several international magazines. She holds a Master of Arts in Jewish Education from the Pardes Institute and Hebrew College, and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communications from Florida State University. Shayndel is a graduate of Midreshet Rachel Seminary in Jerusalem, where she studied Jewish texts and philosophy for three years. Shayndel is married to Rabbi Baruch Plotkin and together they have seven children.
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