Hannity Broadcasts, “Live in Israel”, on Fox News – Review

Just watched the “Sean Hannity Live on the Ground in Israel” broadcast, on Fox News this evening. It was so wonderful to see someone in the media so totally supportive of the Jewish State. He first interviewed several of the IDF soldiers in the armored division positioned just outside Gaza, and asked about their sense of things. They were very frank and very sincere about their love for their adopted country, Israel. They were both born in America.

He was then able to actually go into one of the terror tunnels and reported from directly inside one of them that was now rendered safe. Sean is 6’ tall and estimated that the concrete ceiling was roughly 5’9”and remarked that he needed to bend a bit in order to travel as far as he did inside, with the Israeli Information Officer escorting him. The tunnel was situated 60 feet underground. He was astounded at how sophisticated the underground construction was and commented on how many, many millions of dollars and valuable resources were diverted from doing good in Gaza for the civilian population, and instead used for these horrid Hamas terror tunnels.


Next he visited one of the Iron Dome sites and talked about the incredible technology that allows the nine batteries to “speak” with one another in order to determine which one would fire their defensive missile(s) to stop the Hamas rocket mid-flight. Sean then discussed the Hamas Charter, which of course, calls for the death of all Jews everywhere, and for the total destruction of Israel.

He then interviewed two more of the IDF soldiers outside Gaza, who were certain to point out that the Israelis do want peace and Hamas clearly does not. He then spoke with an Israeli taxi driver, who described the ever present rockets falling in Sderot and the constant terror raining down on Israel and her people. Very, very compelling …

Next he interviewed an Israeli General and discussed the intricate tunnel network and the Iron Dome defense system. Absolutely, a G-dsend … They’ve stopped 500 plus rockets of the 3000 that were headed into the densely populated areas in Israel. The General estimated that if Iron Dome were not in place at least 2000 Israelis would most likely be dead. Sobering thought, indeed …

He finished his broadcast with a frank discussion about the anti-Jewish protests (often violent) happening around the world, especially in Europe, more specifically in France and Germany. He asked a former British Colonel who was in Israel, about the issue of appeasement taking place in Europe and the horrid similarity to circumstances in 30s Germany during the Nazi regime. They both remarked how appeasement was not the way and totally unacceptable.

Tomorrow at 10PM EST he will be interviewing Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Thank you, Sean, so very much … Am Yisra’el Chai

About the Author
Chip Blumberg is a freelance writer and poet. He is currently working on a historically accurate fictional novella set in America during the 30s, with a decidedly Jewish list of main characters and with Jewish culture woven throughout. He is a former AM radio talk show host and long-time dealer in paper antiquities. His background is in business and professional sports management. Chip is a CPA and lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his pup.