Hanukkah Happenings – For Singles and Families

Whether or not you like doughnuts or latkes, you’ve got to admit that Hanukkah is a special time of year here in Israel.

For me personally, I love walking through the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem seeing the Hanukkah lights burning and soaking up that unique Hanukkah excitement.

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So, based on what I have posted on IsraelB, what can I recommend?

For Families – Use the Fun in Jerusalem website. Click on here.

Readings for each night of Hanukkah from Pardes. Click on here.

Keep Olim in Israel Hanukkah Party in Tel Aviv. Click on here.

Singles Events – Join the IsraelB Zivug Zone Fb Group.

Tel Aviv Events – Join the IsraelB Tel Aviv FB Group.

Family & Kids Activities РJoin the IsraelB Kids and Families FB Group.

Here are ten specific events and shiurim for Hanukkah in Jerusalem ( Click on the hyperlinks for details of all the events):

  1. The Ramban Bet Midrash Hanukkah Party. The Ramban Bet Midrash is an excellent programme for young professionals – Both English and Ivrit speakers. Taking place every Wednesday evening at Ramban shul. Click on here for details of their Hanukkah party on Wednesday night.
  2. Party in Kiryat Moshe. First night – Tuesday night. For religious, Ivrit speaking, singles. Click on here for details.
  3. JCHAT – OU Israel Center Hanukkah Party. Happening Wednesday night with Divrei Torah, drinks and the Solomon Brothers. Catering for young professionals. Click on here for details.
  4. Sivan Rahav Meir. Giving a special Hanukkah shiur this Wednesday night. At Heichal Shlomo shul, at 9pm, in Ivrit.
  5. Kotel Hanukkiah lighting. Every evening. Click on here for details.
  6. Mamilla  Lighting. Happening every night of Hanukkah by the entrance to the mall area. Details on here .Worth checking out!
  7. ELC – Emek Learning Center Hanukkah Party and talk. On the last night of Hanukkah, Tuesday evening. Click on here for details.
  8. Shir Hadash – On their Chopin and Emek Refaim locations. Parties on the first Tuesday and Monday night. Click on here for details.
  9. Simchat Shlomo / Maayanot Hanukkah Party. Motsei Shabbat. Click on here for details.
  10. First Station Hanukkah Concert. Click on here for details.

So, I hope this information will help you enjoy Hanukkah in Israel.

Make sure to be using the IsraelB online community for all you need!

Hanukkah Sameach!



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