Happy Birthday, World!

Today is 25 of Elul.

And am I the kind of Jew who believes that God created the World on this very same day 5777 years ago?

No, I am not.

But I am not the kind of Jew who believes that the World was just born out of nothing without cause or reason, either.

You bet your sweet ass, I am not.

I don’t really know what kind of Jew I am, as a matter of fact.

To be honest I am a litte bit puzzled these days.

But I am certain about two things. And two things only.

One. It was not me who did the Big Bang some billion years ago.

And two. I am pretty much sure that it was not me, either, who created the World.

And these two things are enough for me to be a little humble today.

And joyful because the World does exist.

No matter on what day its creation, birth or whatever happened.

I want to celebrate.

Happy birthday, World! Mazal tov! Bis hundert und zwanzig!

Or more!!!


About the Author
Barukh is a Hungarian-Israeli poet. He and his family have started a new life in the desert. He writes therapeutic free poems about soul, home and world peace. Barukh is me.
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