Happy Endings

Please take a moment to thank yourself for participating in this series (gratitude) – and to encourage yourself about the good future you are creating (hope).

Today’s exercise:

  • First, and as quickly as you can (two minutes or less), write down three times in your past when things have worked out well, despite significant obstacles, worries, and/or fears. Whatever first comes to mind is great. 

Now, spend approximately 13 minutes thinking and writing about the following questions for your three happy outcomes:

  • How much did you exercise agency – setting goals, making choices, generating options, responding to changing circumstances?
  • How much did you exercise acceptance – waiting, placing hope in a power greater than yourself, “borrowing” hope and accepting help from others when you perceived limits on your ability to move forward?
  • What strengths of your own did you draw on?
  • What support and outside resources did you benefit from?

“Hope is God whispering in your ear.” – Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Wishing you joy in this moment and in the anticipation of a good future,
Rabbi Debra

About the Author
Debra Orenstein, rabbi of Congregation B'nai Israel in Emerson, NJ, is an acclaimed teacher, author, and scholar-in-residence. She is editor of Lifecycles 1:Jewish Women on Life Passages and Personal Milestones and Lifecycles 2: Jewish Women on Biblical Themes in Contemporary Life (Jewish Lights). A seventh generation rabbi, she was in the first rabbinical class at The Jewish Theological Seminary to include women. She earned a Certificate in Positive Psychology and teaches online. Visit RabbiDebra.com to learn more.
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