Nisim Dashti
Nisim Dashti

Hard times to be a Jew

Have we ever asked ourselves where are we standing in the world or in other countries or smaller societies?

Well, in Europe it seems we are loosing the ground so fast that we do not even notice that. with massive refugee crises, displacements and with the right wing parties that won the election or entered the politics in some countries and the rise of the anti-Semitism it seems that we will be more isolated and once again minorities that are walking on the thin red line.

What I had experienced was that here in this respected country that I took refuge as a Jew I need to be really cautious.the people which coming from the majority Muslim countries as a refugee bringing a very special gift and that is exactly what me or thousands like me escaped from: anti-Semitism

They bring the same culture and same approach and discriminations that they had before toward Jews in the new world.they are giving stories of how Jews and Israel destroyed their homeland and so on,they keep their distance from you they try not to make conversations with you.

They try to humiliate you each time there is an open discussion, sometimes I feel I am facing same discriminations that I faced when I lived in Iran.

But what can we do? Should I hide myself and my identity that is there for thousands of years? Should I start to fight back? Should I make new friends out of old enemies? I have a Jewish heart and G-D gave me patience and I am alone here so I just wait and watch, but what will you do when it comes for you?

About the Author
From Shiraz Iran , now living in Norway.