Harnessing Potential: Call to Jewish Leaders Today

As Jewish leaders and educators, we stand at a pivotal moment in history. The challenges and opportunities facing our communities today call for bold and innovative approaches. How far should we look and plan? It’s time to take ownership and plan for the next 10-15 years. While we need to remain agile and prepare for changes, it is crucial to harness the incredible potential of our younger generation, create spaces for new ideas to flourish, and commit to a long-term vision that will reshape the future of Jewish communities worldwide. This radical thinking is essential to move beyond interests and politics and focus on what truly matters: the future of us as a people.

The Power of the New Generation

Every educator I have encountered in the past few months has had many opinions on our current situation, but one common theme stands out: our younger generation possesses a unique power and ambition to create change that leaves us all in awe. They are passionate, tech-savvy, and deeply connected to global and local issues. They are well aware of the current situation and are determined to make a change that they perceive as positive.

Recent research, such as the 10-year survey of Masa Alumni, shows that participants of long-term Israel programs exhibit a stronger Jewish identity, deeper connection to Israel, and higher rates of community involvement compared to their peers. Their diverse perspectives and innovative ideas together with the correct space and guidance, can help us navigate the complexities of modern Jewish life. By empowering them, we tap into a fountain of creativity and energy that can transform our communities.

Creating Space for New Ideas

To fully realize the potential of the new generation, we must create environments that encourage growth, knowledge, authenticity, relevance, innovation, and creativity. This involves rethinking our educational frameworks and community structures. At Masa, we are leading by example through initiatives like the Connection Project, where our fellows and their Israeli friends can learn and develop together. This project fosters mutual understanding and collaboration, creating a space where new ideas can thrive. It’s our responsibility to provide these opportunities and nurture an atmosphere where new ideas can take root and grow.

Guidance and Mentorship

While the new generation brings fresh perspectives, they also need guidance and mentorship from experienced leaders. This mentorship is crucial in helping them navigate their path and avoid potential drawbacks. Studies have demonstrated the significant impact of mentorship on young people’s development and success. We are committed to creating a global community of educators that exemplifies this approach. In our organization, we meet every quarter with educators to share best practices, provide support, and foster a sense of community among educators worldwide.

My generation, the Millennials, was always well involved in camps, youth movements, and community centers as counselors and leaders. Now is our time to use those skills and lead this journey of change. By investing our time and resources in guiding the next generation, we ensure that their potential is fully realized and that they are prepared to lead our communities into the future.

A Long-Term Vision for Change

Creating a meaningful and lasting change requires a long-term vision. We must be prepared to engage in a 10-year process that focuses on strategic planning and sustained efforts. This vision involves setting clear goals, monitoring progress, and being adaptable to changing circumstances. A long-term commitment allows us to build solid foundations for future growth and development, ensuring that our communities remain united, vibrant, and resilient.

Call to Action

We have a responsibility to embrace a vision that calls for unity, diversity, commitment, and action. Let us use the amazing powers and dreams of the new generation to create spaces for new ideas to flourish. This does not only need to be a physical space; it needs to be a real change in our approach. We must create partnerships to initiate impact both locally and globally, offer internships and junior positions in our organizations, and start an internal process that allows agility, change, and growth for these individuals.

Let us guide and mentor them, preparing for a transformative process that will reshape how we think of Jewish communities around the world. This thinking is not just necessary; it is essential for our future. We must move beyond interests and politics and focus on our goals.


The time for change is now. We are at a crossroads, and the decisions we make today will shape the future of our communities for generations to come. This journey requires more than just a change in vision; it needs to be a real change in our approach. We must create new partnerships, offer opportunities in our organizations, and be prepared for a change.

This thinking is critical for our future. We must move beyond interests and politics and focus on unity while remaining diverse, form commitment, and inspire for action. Let us act together, leveraging our past experiences and the incredible potential of the new generation. This is our moment to lead with purpose and passion, ensuring that the legacy we leave behind is one of strength, resilience, and collective progress.

About the Author
Royi Bercovici currently serves as the Director of Gap, Jewish Studies, and Teen Journey at Masa Israel Journey. He has extensive experience in educational leadership and program management, having previously directed the Israel Programs Department at World Bnei Akiva. Royi holds degrees in International Relations and History from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he is also a fellow at the Melton Centre for Jewish Education. His professional journey includes key roles at the Jewish Agency and Nativ, the IDF conversion course. Internationally, Royi has made significant contributions as a Shaliach. In 2009, he was stationed in Perth, Australia, and from 2016 to 2019, he, along with his family, served as the Jewish agency shlichim in Sydney, Australia. During this period, he also held the position of Federal Shaliach for Australia's largest Zionist youth movement, Bnei Akiva. Royi resides in Jerusalem, where he was born and raised, with his wife, Aimee, and their three children.
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