Harsh Reality

Over the time of Israel’s existence the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has developed a certain complexity that is far-fetched and absurd. The idea of the Israeli government strong-arming and oppressing native Palestinians has spread like rapid fire through the entire world.

The Jewish people were given this land legally. The Jewish people were oppressed for thousands of years prior to the creation of the Jewish state of Israel. This is a safe haven, one which is humane, protective and impenetrable.

Palestinians have been given pieces of land throughout the country. They might not have the amount of land that they want, but there are many other predominantly Muslim nations in the same part of the world.

This piece of land, about the same size as New Jersey, is the one place in the entire world that millions of Jews from around the world can call home and feel safe. Yet, because there are Palestinians and other Arabs native to this land, we share it. We have given them Gaza and the West Bank and the opportunity to live peacefully in this land.

The Palestinian point of view is this: it is their homeland, they shouldn’t have to cross checkpoints to go to their homes and workplaces and it is wrong and inhumane to continuously shrink the pieces of land given to them because more Jewish settlements are being built.

The Israeli government has one job that comes before any other, protect the land and the citizens of this land. But somehow, this crucial job has time and time again forced a villainous lens on the view of Israel.

This nation has undoubtedly screwed up a few times, but ultimately has done nothing but benefit the world. It is extremely unfair to blame to Israeli government for fighting for the land that was given legally to the Jewish people.

The ignorance must stop—peace is impossible if we don’t start to  correct the way we educate our youth. The Jewish people will continue to live here alongside Israeli arabs and native Palestinians, peace or no peace we are here to stay.

The truth hurts but it never fails.

About the Author
Bryan Spiegelman is from Miami, Florida. He is a proud Jew and he has been involved in the youth movement Young Judaea for twelve years of his life. He was raised in a family that luckily was able to go to Israel on vacation, twice. Bryan is now living in Israel for nine months on Young Judaea's Year Course, experiencing the real Israel life.