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Harvard Delegation to Israel – Building Bridges

At 3:30 pm on Monday, January 15th, a group of about twenty alumni of Harvard University assembled in a meeting room in The Dan Hotel, Tel Aviv to embark on a transformative journey under the auspices of the Harvard Jewish Alumni Alliance (“HJAA”). The HJAA Solidarity Mission was the brainchild of Tally Zingher, whose relationship with Harvard extends over several years (Harvard College’99, Harvard Kennedy School ’06 and Harvard Law School ’06) and who now resides in Tel Aviv.  The purpose of the HJAA Solidarity Mission was multi-faceted – including to forge deeper connection with Israel and the rich heritage of Judaism, to facilitate cultural exchange and most importantly, to build bridges of understanding and long-term collaboration.

Exploring Roots

Through visits to the areas directly hit by the Hamas attack on 10/7 and engaging with leading personalities in all areas of the Israeli community – including political, judicial and the IDF – the HJAA Solidarity Mission provided an opportunity for Harvard alumni to connect with each other and the roots of their heritage in a profound and personal way.

Building Bridges

The HJAA Solidarity Mission facilitated dialogue and collaboration with Israeli counterparts, encouraging participants to engage in conversations that transcend cultural boundaries. The exchange of ideas and perspectives contributed to a more nuanced understanding of the complexities that shape Israeli society.

While one of the goals of the Mission was to show solidarity and support for tens of thousands of Israelis who are still reeling from the aftermath of the most horrific terrorist attack on Israeli, the delegates expressed their desire for the HJAA Solidarity Mission to have practical consequences and to be the beginning of a meaningful partnership between Israel and the HJAA.

To that end, some of the action-items which are already in play from the HJAA Solidarity Mission spearheaded by delegates of the Mission include the following:

  • Project to assist in the rebuilding of Kibbutz Kfar Aza.
  • Media campaign – in addition to ensuring that some of the content from the HJAA Solidarity Mission is disseminated via various platforms and media distributors, discussions have already begun between the IDF Spokesperson Unit and its social media team and prominent experts in the world of digital marketing and algorithm analysis to make important inroads in connection with the war in cyberspace and on social media platforms.
  • Coordinating financial support for Ichilov Hospital’s Critical PTSD and Rehabilitation Center.
  • Bringing prominent Israeli figures to Harvard to ensure that students hear Israel’s side of the story.
  • Bring non-Jewish Harvard Faculty to Israel.

Building Bridges

In a world that has become so divisive, the HJAA Solidarity Mission to Israel was a testament to the power of unity. By bringing together alumni from diverse backgrounds, the trip created a space where individuals shared their unique experiences and perspectives, contributing to a more inclusive and interconnected global community.

If the life-long friendships and long-term commitments that were forged during the intense three ½ day HJAA Mission to Israel is a microcosm of the potential for unity and long-term collaboration, things bode well for the future with respect to HJAA-Israel initiatives.


Antony Gordon is a Fulbright Scholar, Sir Abe Bailey Fellow, Wexner Heritage Fellow, and graduate of Harvard Law School (1990) as well as having completed Harvard Business School’s Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports Executive Program. Antony is a WSJ and USA Today Best-Selling Author, Top 100 TEDx Talk Speaker (2022) and Top 50 Most Impactful People of LinkedIn (2022). He is the host of the critically acclaimed “Antony Gordon Show- Lessons for life I did not learn at Harvard” podcast. Antony was born in Johannesburg, South Africa where – in addition to his scholastic excellence – he excelled as a stand-up comic and producer of the largest Anti-Apartheid music concert, “The Free People’s Concert.”  Antony received Rabbinical Ordination in Jerusalem, Israel.


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Antony Gordon, a Fulbright Scholar, graduate of the Harvard Law School and member of the Advisory Council for Israel and Middle East Security spearheaded by Congressman Ron DeSantis, Chairman of the National Security Subcommittee is the co-author of the renowned research article titled “Will Your Grandchild Be Jewish? and one of the most sought after speakers in the Jewish world in America.
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