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Has your country recognized Holodomor as genocide yet?

Ukrainian - Israeli Relations - photo by Tomasz Cebulski and SKY HERITAGE PICTURES
Ukrainian - Israeli Relations - photo by Tomasz Cebulski and SKY HERITAGE PICTURES

How politicians can help Ukraine?

Maybe by international recognition of Holodomor as genocide?

Has your country recognized Holodomor as genocide yet?

Maybe if most of the western countries recognize internationally facts on Soviet Russian genocide in Ukraine 80 years ago it will be easier to prevent the next genocide perpetrated by contemporary Russia.

The 20th century taught us something about the capacities and extent of human cruelty. The Ukrainians were the first nation in Europe to suffer under genocidal policies planned and executed by Soviet Russia. During the Great Famine of 1932-33, known as the Holodomor, Russia sponsored and conducted a policy against Ukraine resulting in the murder of three million Ukrainians. Stalin followed the ideological thought line of his own maniac delusions against the fact-based knowledge of the failure of central planning. Lenin’s New Economic Policy was terminated in 1928 and Stalin centralized the economy once more, while at the same starting to refer more to Russian nationalism. The introduction of terror and control was enough to destroy the grain resources in Ukraine and to bring about a full-scale genocide. Millions of deaths were caused by starvation and weather.


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