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Hashgacha Pratis-Divine Providence


Do you know what’s interesting about life? When you’re thinking about something constantly, it shows up everywhere. Say you’re thinking about buying a Toyota car, all around you Toyotas appear. Conversely if you’re thinking about what you’re lacking, like if you wish you had thick hair, you see all the women with thick luscious hair. Dennis Prager calls it “The missing tile syndrome”.
In the last couple of weeks I have been focusing on Hashgacha Pratis, Divine Providence. Lo & behold stories have been unfolding right in front of my eyes!
It has strengthened my connection to G-d & I hope it helps you too!

The first story I want to share happened to me last Friday night. We were eating at a friend’s house and they’re daughter and her baby were about to leave.
This baby looks like a cabbage patch doll. Big blue puppy dog eyes, pink rosy cheeks & a smile that could melt anyone’s heart! I don’t usually go crazy over baby’s (unless it’s my grandchildren!) but she was irresistible. I smiled & coo’d over her. Her mum then proudly showed me her first baby teeth. I looked, peered a little more intently. From the corner of my eye I could see something red, not her tongue, not the inside of her cheeks, but a foreign object! I turned to her mother & said :”I think she has something in her mouth! You must check!” Her mum was not worried in the least, but to satisfy me she put her finger in the baby’s mouth. Well,well,well she found a red plastic tip of a mini soy sauce. The ones you get when you buy sushi. That little piece of plastic was definitely a choking hazard! “Thank G-d” said the mum that I made her check! “Thank G-d “ said the dad that we were running late to our hosts & decided to make Kiddush at home. ”Thank G-d” said I that I got to see Divine Providence right in front of my eyes!

The next story happened yesterday. My daughter & I had decided we were going to visit this amazing Holocaust survivor. The reason we wanted to visit her is because on Tisha B’av we heard her incredible life story. I had read her husband’s story ,he was one of the heads of the partisans & I wanted to know some more details & personally meet her.
The night before we went I had some friends over for dinner. The young lady has been struggling with her faith in g-d. My daughter told them of our plans to visit this wonderful lady. My friends daughter at dinner with us asked if she can come along, I was slightly apprehensive at first as I didn’t know if Mrs L would appreciate another guest, then i thought it about it some more, that if this young lady can strengthen her faith in g-d from Mrs L its worth the chutzpah. We went to Mrs L’s house and she was delighted to see us all including our friend. We began with each of us having turns to ask Mrs L questions. My friends first question “do you believe in G-d, after all that happened to you in the holocoaust?” her response was a resounding “absolutely YES, the fact that i a skinny scrawny naive girl survived is only because of G-d, there were lots of opportunities to sell me for half a kilo of sugar. But G-d has other plans for me.”
The conversation was powerful, riveting and inspiring, I was on fire! It left an incredible impression on the young lady, we discussed, argued and debated G-d, judaism, light, religion and everything connected to that. I am grateful my friend’s daughter was there. I am thankful my daughter came and I am overjoyed. I was able to witness a raw, deep and honest conversation.

The last story happened to me 7 years ago,at my brothers camp.The campsite was a huge property but the campers stayed at the bottom of the campsite, so getting to the top took about 20 minutes. I loved it because it was a hard walk up the mountain. I would pass lush landscapes, green scenery and peaceful stretches of G-ds beautiful world. On this land there were cows, horses and kangaroos as well. One sunny morning I got up early and began my walk up the hill. Suddenly out of the blue appeared a large dog (I can tell you now the dog belonged to the owners at the top of the hill. At this time I had no idea where this dog had come from and to put it mildly I was afraid). It jumped on me, licked me and hung around me like a leech. I am not a dog lover or dog hater (I don’t mind those fluffy little things people call dogs) this was a big dog!! As I was alone there was no one around me and i didnt have any phone reception to call for help, so I turned to the one above, His line,which is always open. The words that came to me were: “i am not afraid of anything-only you Hashem” i kept repeating this mantra there is nothing but you G-d as i was saying this again and again i calmed down. The dog calmed and relaxed as well but would not leave my side. It walked right beside me like an angel. I continued up the hill all of a sudden from afar I could see a herd of horses galloping towards me, if you think the dog scared me, I now knew my life was in serious danger. I thought of running, but changed my mind because the horses are way faster than me. I looked up and cried to G-d “please save me!”,i then looked down and realised the dog was going to protect me, the dog began to bark and run circles around me to tell me ‘don’t worry i will look after you!’when the horses came closer and heard the dog barking, they got scared and diverted to the right missing me by a meter.
G-d looked after me via a dog, i came to the top of the hill and reached the owners house. She came out and yelled “i’ve been looking for my dog everywhere” i responded “the dog was at the bottom of the hill and followed me to the top” she answered “that’s impossible he never goes down to the campsite” well you and i know miracles do happen sometimes in the form of a crazy wild dog.

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