#Hashtag – #StopSanctioningChildAbuse

Three Jewish Boys have been kidnapped by a designated terrorist organization and yet, the world not only doesn’t care, it blames the victims.  In fact, I have heard news broadcasts that say the boys are missing and not kidnapped.

As everyone knows by now, the kidnapping sparked the #bringbackourboys FB & Twitter campaign which was based on the Michelle Obama #hashtag campaign to plead for the return of the kidnapped girls in Nigeria by the Boko Haram Terror Group.

The kidnapped Nigerian children have yet to be returned and it appears the world community is unwilling and/or incapable to get the children and return them to their families. In a news report today their friends and school Principal were pleading for their return, but no one is listening.  The ineffectual and limp wristed response from those who should be able to do something about this horror is shocking.

As for the kidnapped Isreali children, not only are they being subjected to extreme child abuse by this crime against humanity, the Arab communities are psychologically abusing their own children by using them as agents in their evil PR Campaign promoting it with a 3 fingered salute that represents the kidnapping victims.

Wrap your head around that one. The Arab children are being used as pawns in a PR campaign to celebrate and promote the criminal act of kidnapping children in Israel.

The following photo was posted by the Israeli Police.  This photo shows the Arab Palestinian children posing, on The Temple Mount, flashing the pro-kidnapping, 3 finger salute. Arab Children Promoting Kidnapping Not only do they use the their own children in a PR campaign to promote kidnapping, but they want to show that they have hegemony over the Temple Mount where Jews in fact are not allowed to pray.

A recent report put out by the IDF documented a Hamas operative admitting that they pay Arab youth to throw rocks at Jewish worshippers when they visit The Temple Mount.

Sanctioning of child abuse has been going on for years within the UNRWA run schools.

According to special reports by David Bedein of The Nahum Bedein Near East Policy Research Center and Israel Resource News Agency, UNRWA school curriculum teaches the children Jihad by glorifying terror and suicide bombing.  UNRWA receives their funding from the EU, US & Canada.

David Bedein’s team have put the following films together in order to educate the public as well as legislators on what is really going on within the Palestinian school system.

The children are taught that any all means necessary, including violence, must be used to reclaim Palestine.  Which for them means all of Israel.

The following film confirms that members of Hamas, the terror group implicated in the recent kidnapping of the Israeli boys, in fact work for UNRWA.

Watch the film here documenting the claims:

In another investigative film, Camp Jihad, the children are given intensive classes on how to take back all of Palestine through armed struggle.

Watch the film here:

The facts are here for all to see. The children are being psychologically abused at extreme levels and there is absolutely no reaction from those who have the moral obligation to do so.  In fact, the organization set up to help them is being used against them for evil.

When is the EU, Canada & the US going to stop funding this child abuse in the name of humanitarian principles?

When are we going to #StopSanctioningChildAbuse?

About the Author
Leslie-Ann Stoffel is a Canadian pro-Israel advocate and blogger. She is very active in this capacity on Facebook and Twitter with over 21,000 followers. She also writes for The Jewish Press, has reported for Israel National News and has a blog on the CIJA - Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs Blog - The Exchange.