Have Clinton and Obama and lost the Israelis

The yearly memorials for the late P.M Yitzhak Rabin have long become a political rally, a legitimate one, but still
an event which arouses also some uncomfortable questions. This was a terrible crime,for which the perpetrator, the despicable Yigal Amir deserved the death penalty, which is not part of Israel’s criminal code. No stupid conspiracy theory by loons from the fringes of the Israeli Right Wing can change that. It was Israel’s worst political crime, but not the only one. There were others,which not always got their due attention in our national agenda. Exactly because they were political crimes, they were intentionally pushed aside from our collective national memory, for obvious political reasons. The killing of the Altalena Irgun fighters in June 1948, off the coast of Tel-Aviv was one such crime, ordered by then P.M David Ben Gurion, executed by young zealot Palmach soldiers, among them one called Yitzhak Rabin. No, not any attempt by me to compare between the two. It was a legitimate government, led by a GREAT leader who made the decision, which was SO wrong, as to qualify in my mind, to be a crime. Rabin fulfilled his orders, but the point is, that political crimes , still rare in Israel’s history, can be remembered in ways which will not lead to further deepening of national traumas, rather to healing them.

This is not the case with the yearly Rabin memorial rallies, which are distinctly political,very polarizing events, intended to put a collective blame on the entire National camp in Israel, both the secular and Religious Zionist one. This is wrong, in the first place because it is not the case, that Yigal Amir represented the collective will of all those, a majority of the Israeli people, who judging by opinion polls rejected the Oslo Accords , which P.M Rabin became so associated with.It was also not right for many Nationalists to blame the entire Left Wingers for the acts of treason of the Leftist Udi Adiv gang in the early 1970’s. The problem with the distinct political character of the Rabin memorial rallies is also the fact, that they have become so Lefty -oriented, as to distort the real political legacy of Rabin himself, who was the Defense Minister who ordered the IDF to ”break the bonres” of the Palestinian terrorists in the beginning of the first Intifada. He was also the most blatant criticizer of the Israeli legal system, and so-called Human Rights organizations , like Betzelem.

On top of all that, when the rally is devoted, like it was last night, to expressing support for the two states solution,and do it NOW, without any prior conditions,it is to go against the big majority of the Israeli people, and it is to turn Rabin into a symbol of the Left Wing. He was Prime Minister of us all, but the Left has an agenda here. Here is what it is; The Left Wing really is giving up on the Israeli public at large, is really restricting itself to the ”white tribe”, the mostly Ashkenazi , affluent voters of North Tel-Aviv, Rehavia in Jerusalem, Ramat Hasharon and their likes. A dwindling minority of the overall public opinion, as can be so clearly seen by the election results. Go to Tiberias, where the legalise Cannabis party got more votes than Labor and Meretz in the last elections…Go to Hatikva in South Tel-AVIV, go to Dimona, tell the people there about the Rabin legacy, talk to your own people, but that is not going to happen. The Zionist Left is giving up on these people,and the non-Zionist Left is giving up on Israel altogether, joining the calls for boycott. Do it, but then do not complain about the election results.

Yesterday, the main two speakers in the Rabin memorial rally were former President Bill Clinton in Tel- Aviv, and current President Obama via the video. WOW!!! so, Israel is not isolated, oh no, ”we”, the good Israelis , are not isolated, but ”you, the bad guys, are”. Not clever politically, not in line with Rabin own legacy. If so many people take the liberty to speak on his behalf, why not me? , and I believe, that Rabin did not like the” Ma Yafitha ”[the submissive tone to foreigners] used by the current Israeli Left Wing. Clinton?, his last period of popularity in Israel, was during the Levinsky Affair. So many Israeli men felt then the instinctive affinity with somebody else who shares their love of Jewish women… but now??? , and President Obama, the architect of the Iran deal, the President who remarked after the Kosher market massacre in Paris, that these were a ”bunch of people in the wrong place at the wrong time”?.Could not the organizers find Israeli speakers, speaking Hebrew, making sense to ALL Israelis, or the majority of them? The Israeli Left wing is losing its way. Moreover, it is losing the Israeli people.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina