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Have the Jews Gone Insane?

Ze’ev Jaobtinsky

Yiddin listen!, screamed Jabotinsky…the long knives mean what they say. The Nazi threat to kill the Jews is real.

Institutional Jewry silenced Jabotinsky as an extremist.

Col. John Henry Patterson, the Commander of the Jewish Legion in World War I, called for a Jewish army to fight the Nazis, to save Jewish lives. The British hated him. Organized American Jewry said he was an old nut. He died in L.A. in near poverty, forgotten.

Hillel Kook came to the U.S., created the Bergson group, and screamed the Germans are Killing the Jews. Organized Jewy had the FBI silence him.  The U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington barely will give his memory the time of day.

The darling of the liberal left, the New York Times, buried the stories of the Holocaust.  The stories were exaggerated and uncomfortable for them.

American Jewry was terrified to offend, to challenge, to demand President Roosevelt save Jewish lives, just bomb the death camp rail lines…. Nothing.

550,000 American Jews, nearly 8% of Americans under arms, were Jews. The Jews were told to save Jewish lives, they must first win the war. It will lead to a rise of antisemitism to challenge Roosevelt…don’t do it.  The Jews complied.

European Jewry was nearly exterminated and the War was won.

Of the 550,000 American G.I.s only 1200 North Americans volunteered to save the remnant fighting for Israel’s life in the War of Independence as Machal. They made the key difference. Institutional Jewry sent $ and sympathy.  The returning Machal heroes remained silent for fear they might lose their citizenship or be thrown into prison.

Netanyahu came before a Joint Session of Congress. The Iranians are intent on becoming a Nuclear Power, they wish to kill the Jews and America he said.  Organized Jews fought to silence Netanyahu and not offend President Obama.  65% of American Jews voted for President Obama.  Obama and the Democrats pushed for the Iranian Nuclear deal anyway.  The Jews applauded, only now some with one hand.

Netanyahu is the extremist they said.  He can’t get along with President Obama, the winner of the Nobel Peace prize.   The leftist, liberal media complex hate Netanyahu almost as much as they hate President Trump.

President Trump is moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem. President Trump is calling out Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal as a disaster for Israel and for the World. Trump is demanding the U.N. treat Israel fairly.

Jews in the isolation of their New York, Chicago, Los Angeles enclaves call Trump the extremist.

Holocaust survivors are trotted out crying Trump is making America into Nazi Germany.  Trump is promoting antisemitism.

President Trump is fighting the extremism of the left, which is deeply imbued with antisemitism disguised as anti-Israelism. Jews are again cowed into timidity. Trump is doing more to save Jewish and non-Jewish lives from the Iranian/North Korean Nuclear Nightmare than any President ever has. Trump is more pro-Israel than one-act Truman.  And most American Jews are anti-Trump, some even say Trump is Hitler?

Will President Trump listen to the Netanyahu Canary in the Coal Mine?

Have the Jews gone insane…again?

About the Author
Jerry is the president and founder of the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation, He is the son of Survivors of Buchenwald and Bergen Belsen. He is a former Yeshivah student and served with the IDF in the Sinai. He is the author of hundreds of articles in publications ranging from the Jerusalem Post to the Prairie Connection to the San Diego Jewish World. Jerry is frequently interviewed on T.V. and Radio about the American Jewish experience. The Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation has completed projects in 43 US. States and in 8 countries. Over 7,000,000 people annually benefit from one of JASHP's efforts. JASHP has completed over 25 projects in and for Israel ranging from the restoration and preservation of the disgracefully deteriorated grave site of Shlomo Cohen, the composer of the Hativah, to the S.S. Exodus and more. November 29, 2022, Netanya: JASHP completed the first-ever historical memorial to the central birthing event of the modern state of Israel - the U.N. Partition Resolution. JASHP is presently working towards another first for Israel, a tribute sculpture honoring the Women of the IDF.