Shayndel Plotkin
Executive Director, Liumi, Inc.

Have you Found the Pieces of my Heart?

Brother, Have you found the pieces of my heart?
They have shattered into a billion
They are traveling across the sea
They are sifting through the dust and the sand
They are searching for the pieces of yours in our Land

Have you found the pieces of my heart?
I promise they are not sharp and piercing
I promise they will not hurt
I promise they will fit together with yours
They are soft and comforting and will fill the empty space

Have you found the pieces of my heart?
They have broken into many droplets of tears
They have gathered stones along the way
They have rested upon the places you now lay

Have you found the pieces of my heart?
They will never stop searching for you
They are filled with strength and courage
They are filled with precious moments and eternal memories
They are filled with Light and Life and Love and Longing for you

Have you found the pieces of my heart?
Each piece is meant to find you
Each piece is meant to comfort you
Each piece is meant to Mend you
Each piece is meant to Bind you with Me Eternally.

Have you found the pieces of my heart?
They have found each of you
They will continue to piece each of us together
They will know your name, they will tell your story,
They will keep us together eternally and they will become a part of each of us

Have you found the pieces of my heart?
Have you?
Here they are and here they will remain forever
They will fit perfectly with yours
They will heal and they will sooth
They will help us find peace among the pieces

Brother, They are here in the Land.

Shayndel Plotkin
Founder and Director, Liumi West Retreat

About the Author
Co-Founder and Executive Director of Liumi West Retreat. As a teacher, writer, and facilitator of Jewish educational seminars and curriculum, Shayndel Plotkin is passionate about working with women, children, and families to help them grow and develop – spiritually and personally. Her background in the Jewish community, Jewish education, and Israel advocacy began in the South Florida community more than twenty years ago as a writer for the Jewish press, and then as the Israel Experience Director for the Commission for Jewish Education. She has recently been certified as a female farmer in the state of Florida. Shayndel is a writer of novels, children's stories, a professional memoirist, and writer for several international magazines. She holds a Master of Arts in Jewish Education from the Pardes Institute and Hebrew College, and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communications from Florida State University. Shayndel is a graduate of Midreshet Rachel Seminary in Jerusalem, where she studied Jewish texts and philosophy for three years. Shayndel is married to Rabbi Baruch Plotkin and together they have seven children.