Healing With Gladiators

The last few days have been a lot.

Ever since the MSD Shooting I have watched a community of tears and broken hearts. Being 18 years after my attack I know there are so many hurdles to still overcome.

When I said yes to Mike Dempsey, to speak at a peer support event Tuesday to the MSD Community, I had no idea what I was getting into. Since Tuesday my mind and heart have been full.

The panel that I spoke with are Gladiators and the people who support them are just as amazing. People from all walks of life, all different training and all on different missions to make the world better. Each and every person who spoke alongside me has survived the unimaginable. Each and everyone of them have been part of devastating losses. Despite their immense pain and anger they have channeled their heart into something greater.

While everyone has traveled back home, some near and some far, I am going to take something away from meeting each and everyone of them.

Don’t take my siblings for granted, take a deep breathe and recenter, I am not alone, take time for self care, don’t be afraid to do something new, listen more, it’s okay to cry and remember to say I love you daily. These are just of the things they have taught me that I am going to carry with me forever. My life is forever changed by meeting this group.

When I said yes to getting involved in this event to the community my intention was to help the community. I honestly hope we were able to do that. I realize though that sometimes in helping others you help yourself as well.

About the Author
Nechama Gutman was raised in South Florida. She traveled to Israel at the age of 17 where she fell in love with the land. Upon returning to the states she spent several years helping people make Aliyah. Nechama is a mother, wife, a survivor of a terrorist attack and person who wants to bring light into the world.
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