Hear O’ Israel… And Uncover Your Eyes’

One of the most fundamental lessons taught in medical school is to “Let your patient talk and listen to what they say.”  Diagnosis depends upon many factors, with a critical one being the history elicited by the medical professional.  Location of pain; type of pain; onset of pain; are important factors that oftentimes help determine diagnosis and course of treatment for what could be life-threatening issues.

From the perspective of Jewish survival, it is imperative that we be cognizant of warning signs made by our enemies.  If threatening signals are ignored, we will be ill-prepared to defend ourselves when necessary.  Sadly, in the past and even recent Jewish history, the Jewish community has been reluctant to heed the warning signs that “something is wrong” and that the “patient,” the Jewish people is in serious jeopardy.

As a prelude to World War II, the Nazis made it very clear that their campaign was to destroy people of the Jewish faith.  Vladimir Jabotinsky and others were dismissed as “prophets of doom.”  The consequence was horrific: the Shoah.

In more recent times Hamas, another Jew-hating group has emerged and codified in their charter the following:  “The Islamic resistance movement looks forward to fulfill the promise of Allah no matter how long it takes because the prophet of Allah says: ‘The Day of Judgement  will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews) and when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say: O’ Muslim, O’ Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me come and kill him.’” Source: Yale Law School, Article 7 of the Hamas Charter.

The charter speaks for itself and belies any intention of peaceful coexistence with Israel.  One would be hard-pressed to deny the murderous intentions of Hamas unless of course, one was a high school student in Newton Massachusetts.

Shockingly, Newton North and South high schools expunge these revealing quotes when they attempt to portray Hamas, recognized as a terrorist organization, in a more positive light.  Impressionable high school students, the potential policymakers of the next generation are given the impression that what America and many in the world considered to be radical Islamic terrorists are in fact benevolent, social service agencies, pining for justice in the Middle East.

These educational half-truths are at the best misleading and at the worst a lie, covering up the murderous intentions of a terrorist group.

It is for this reason that on Tuesday, May 21 a busload of students from Rambam Mesivta High School, from Lawrence, NY, will make the 3 1/2 hour trek to Newton, Mass, to let the students there know that they are not getting the benefit of an honest, transparent, and complete education.

We hope to make our voices heard and let the students of Newton know that they are entitled to a complete education and should be taught the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Why is the school district afraid to inform students that the “Constitution” of Hamas calls for the murder of Jews?

Let’s teach the complete truth to the students and let’s allow the students to decide for themselves whether Hamas is a benevolent social and political organization or a gang of terrorists.

Unfortunately, there are still Jewish residents and organizations in the area that refuse to listen to the anti-Jewish rhetoric being espoused.  Little do they realize that “Hear O’ Israel” was not only a proclamation of religious faith, oftentimes proclaimed as Jews were being put to death for being Jewish, but it is also a recipe for Jewish survival.

About the Author
Rabbi Zev Friedman is the Rosh Mesivta, Dean Of Rambam Mesivta for Boys and Shalhevet High School for Girls.