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Heart Map & The Song of Our Ancestors – New Book

Heart map and the Song of Our Ancestors

Devon Spier, 2018

In his recent book on American Judaism, Professor Jack Wertheimer discusses the desire of Jews to individualize their own Jewish experiences as a major force impacting Jewish communal life today. In her first book, Devon Spier gives the Jewish community (and all spiritual journeyers) an important gift in which she shares her journey and invites others to use her poems as they craft their individual journeys.

Devon is a rabbinical student and a thinker on all matters Jewish. Her poems are deep, and meant to be pondered, not to be read casually. Her writing is particularly powerful for those whose Jewish and life paths have been challenging. At the same time as she addresses difficult challenges, she always comes across at optimistic and life-affirming. It is wonderful to see her weave Jewish texts into her work, bringing them alive in new ways.

The poems in this work can be used by the individual reader and also have potential for use by study groups and as supplements to prayer books. We can expect to see more great writings from her. As a rabbi, I look forward also to her joining our ranks and providing unique approaches to the community.

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