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Hello, World

These days The International Community is falling all over itself, rushing to fully recognize a Palestinian state and force a two-state solution on the world. They claim that this is the only way forward.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. However, the Israelis and Palestinians are the only parties with a legitimate right to work that out.

Do I believe that no-one else can or should help the Israelis and Palestinians to create peace and prosperity for themselves? Not at all. But …

If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place – Take A Look At Yourself …

First and foremost, members of The International Community should start with themselves, examining their motives and knowledge, learning about the history and cultures of the Levant – and being honest about their own political interests.

Second, they should recognize that the Jews constitute a people with legitimate national aspirations and that Israel has an inviolable right to maintain itself as a Jewish state. Justice for Jews is every bit as important as justice for the Palestinians and everyone else in the neighborhood.

Third, they should “get real”. They must decide on what they will actually commit themselves to and select a realistic level of involvement. And of course, it would be good if they coordinated and cooperated with each other and with the residents of the Levant.

Don’t be a victim of a selfish kind of love …

Once any member of The International Community has proven the will to learn, to respect, and to commit, they may have earned the right to intervene. However, they should only use interventions based on effort, respect, and patience.

In my next posting I will share some of the most interesting ideas I have run across or hit upon. Cheap, resolutions and proclamations to feed moral narcissism are not on the list.

Headlines – from Michael Jackson: “The Man in the Mirror”

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I am an American who has lived and worked in Denmark since 1978. On retiring from "gainful employment" in 2013 I noticed - really noticed - how much bashing Israel is getting from within and without, and found it not only grossly unfair but dangerous. Since then I have worked full time as a volunteer to try to open Danish minds and hearts, to stimulate curiosity about Israel to replace or prevent the development of indifference or actively negative feelings. Sometimes I write in English and use my ToI blog to share.